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Community is becoming more important in society today. As the old institutions break down and are rebuilt, as the world is going through it’s own energetic shifts, people are coming together and honouring relationships, finding integrity and having a new understanding of the value of life. Due to the nature of the work that I do, I am of service to the community. Community, in this case, is defined as anyone who needs work to be done at an energetic level. I am available to do energy cleansing and healing work for the dying, and for the families of someone who is dying. I can also work with people who have already passed away and may need healing in order to continue on their journey (Psychopomp). Please contact me to find out more about this. I create and perform ceremonies for any occasion such as a celebration, an initiation into adulthood, an ending or a new beginning. Ceremonies are tailored to your specific requirements. Contact me to find out more. Should you require the energy of your house or a building to be cleared, I am available to come to your space and do the work. An example of when this is needed includes when a relationship ends and somebody leaves the family home but it seems like their energy still lingers in the house.  A Shamanic energy space clearing will send away all the stagnant energy and invite in new, vibrant energy to invigorate and vitalise the space, and to heal its occupants. Land healing is a wonderful way to give thanks back to Mother Earth, to revitalise the soil and bring new growth where perhaps there was none before. I can also do energy healing work for businesses should there be energy blockages stopping the business from reaching its goals. I need the permission of the business owner for this work to take place. Contact me if you think there is a situation in your life that needs healing, for a family healing or for a healing of a space, or the land. If you put your heart and your mind into it, anything is possible. Contact me on,  use my Enquiry Form or phone me on 087 6593626.
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“Thank you, Abby, this could not be better timing...from fear to love, from control to letting go. Holding onto pain, it turns out, isn't a way to shield from future assault! Thanks for the healing!” Jan Jones, U.K.
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