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My Healing Meditations help you Expand, Ground, Clear and Open your energy. If used regularly they will promote self-healing,

bring you into balance and keep you centred and relaxed.

Once you download these to your computer, you can listen using the computer, or an Mp3 player, any time  and as many times you

want to.

For a powerful healing  exercise, listen to one of these meditations  every day for one week and see how much better you will feel!

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Opening your Heart to Yourself

(Energy Opening Meditation)

Connect to your heart and go to a sacred space where you can listen and heal yourself with this beautiful, gentle, heart opening meditation... Click here to read more or hear a sample.

Grounding in the Crystal Cave

(Grounding Meditation)

This meditation brings you through the work of grounding and centring yourself in your body, and then on to a deep energy healing which connects you even more strongly to earth. Click here to read more or hear a sample.
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You are a Shining Light  (Energy Expanding Meditation) This meditation enables you to grow and expand your energies and send love and light out to your friends and family. Click here to read more or hear a sample.
Clearing Your Chakras (Energy Clearing Meditation) This meditation guides you through the major energy centres (chakras) in your body. By spending attention on each one, you will clear, cleanse and harmonise it to it’s greatest potential, in that particular moment. By repeating this exercise regularly, you increase the vibrancy of your light, your energetic potential and your energy signature. Click here to read more or hear a sample.
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