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Shamanic Journeying for Pregnancy
Shamanic Journeying for Pregnancy Venue: Ranelagh Holistic Centre, 14 Oxford St, Ranelagh, D6 Dates: By arrangement, contact This workshop will cover: What is the Shamanic Journey? What is it used for? Journeying techniques Meet your unborn baby Participants will leave with knowledge of the Shamanic journey and will have made an energetic connection to their growing baby! This workshop is an exciting way for first time mothers to dispel the anxiety around who their baby is, and allows them to fully embrace the new life that will be coming into their world.
shamanic Journeying for pregnancy workshop
“Wow. Just Wow. I met my baby girl, I’m not afraid about meeting her for the first time now. I know she knows who I am too. Amazing.” Adele, Dublin
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