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A Reiki Session
A Reiki treatment with me lasts an hour. If you come to see me you will lie down and relax on a plinth, fully clothed with your shoes off. Loose comfortable clothing is ideal but not necessary. I may ask you to remove items from your pockets such as keys and mobile phones. Soft music plays in the background and extra pillows and blankets are available if needed. During the treatment I place my hands on or over points on your body, bringing your body into balance and into a state of deep relaxation. Some clients report feeling heat, flow, tingling in their bodies during a Reiki treatment.  Some of my clients even fall asleep! Some say that one hour of Reiki with me feels like a full night of deep, nourishing sleep. "When I started to work with you I realised how disconnected I had become to everything. Energy Healing helped me reconnect; now I feel alive again” - John, Dublin Reiki treatment is particularly beneficial for to anyone who is upset or distressed, as it calms the mind, calms the body and brings back a natural balance. It is a good idea to book a Reiki treatment to support you during times of stress such as weddings, exams, bereavement or surgery. Reiki is not a “cure” for specific physical ailments, it allows your body to heal itself. It is not a substitute for traditional medicine.  Reiki can be given as a once off treatment or can be continued over several sessions, depending on what is needed. I do not prescribe a certain number of sessions, as you know best what you need.  I would, however, encourage you to learn Reiki for yourself so that you can benefit from it by daily self- treatment. See my Reiki 1 workshop page for more information. If you would like to learn more about Reiki, visit my Extra Reading page or click here to find out about having Reiki from the comfort of your own home. You can contact me by email on, or you can phone me on 087 6593626.
Relax with Reiki in Dublin with Abby Wynne
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“I came to see Abby because I was in pain from a torn ligament and I couldn’t sleep. After just one session I slept like a baby and within a week I was moving freely without pain again.” Mary B, Drimnagh
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