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Introduction to Shamanism
Introduction to Shamanism 1 day Workshop. Investment: €85 Venue:  Ranelagh Holistic Centre,             14 Oxford St, Ranelagh, D6 Shamanism is the oldest form of energy work on the planet. It is about connection to nature, to the self, to the energy around us. With Shamanism you can access levels of the unconscious mind and communicate with energies inside of us to find answers to questions, to release blockages and to gain clarity and strength of purpose. This workshop is an introduction to the many facets of Shamanism, as well as discussions around the history of Shamanism and what is Shamanic healing, we also have some practical exercises so that you can experience it for yourself. you will leave with a broader knowledge of Shamanic healing and you will be able to take some of its aspects into your life straight away. Enjoy the Shamanic Journey, connect with Nature and find out who your power animal is. Let the energy take you where it will on this, a most memorable day. Call Abby for information   
“I was slightly anxious about this workshop but I didn’t have to be, Abby is great at explaining and I felt very comfortable trying new things with her for the first time.” Fredrick, Templeogue “The world seems so much more magical now” Tom, Wisconsin, USA “I’ve not experienced anything like it - It was a huge door opening in my soul and the sunshine coming in. I want lots more of this!” Lucy, Walkinstown
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