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Sit back, relax, and let my voice bring you on an inner journey - whether it's to find peace, to talk to a guide or an angel, or to help you shine your light brighter. It's all here for you, if you want it.

Guided Healing Meditations

To get the most out of these tracks...

These tracks are similar to my pre-recorded healing sessions, but you can listen to them as often as you need.  They are filled with healing and you might go deep into a visualisation or shamanic journey. To get the most out of the time you spend with them, you must listen uninterrupted. Turn off your phone, close the door, have a blanket at hand in case you get cold, tissues if you get emotional, and a notebook if you get inspired.



You might find that the more you listen to one of these tracks, the more you will hear, and the more colourful your journeys will become. This is because you become familiar with the territory, you trust the process more, and go deeper in.

Please note: Healing is complementary to clinical medicine and these tracks are not a replacement for any treatment you may be receiving. If you are feeling ill, please do go to see your doctor.

These are downloadable Mp3's

You can download these files directly to your computer and then install them onto your mobile phone if you so wish. You can also download them onto a tablet or mobile device . If you do this, you will find them in your downloads folder.

Try my 5 Day Energy Clearing Challenge

Do you feel grotty, tired, heavy and sluggish? 
Is your brain fog clouding your decision-making process?
Wouldn't you love to know how to clear your energy for yourself so you can be fresh, alert, and in the present moment? 

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