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One Day at a Time

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C. Nally, UK

"I bought your 2024 Diary and it is even more wonderful than your previous ones if that is possible !! I started reading it today and people saw it and were asking about it! Love the addition of the fairies. Anyway I think it is super ! Photos amazing.. themes... Just everything."

Dany, via

"This is my all time favourite journal. The daily affirmations are inspiring and thought provoking and the monthly themes motivate me. It’s part of my daily routine that I look forward to doing. Purchased one for my sister and she too has embraced the joy you get when using the diary."

P. Ellis, via Amazon

"This is a beautiful diary...the photo and description doesn't do the book justice, it's a pleasure to see and hold...can imagine it being a pleasure to use.
Lovely wise guidance and reflective exercises...can 'hear' Abby's voice in her words.
Lovely, lovely book."

One Day at a Time Diary offers you support for your healing journey

I know how difficult it can be to stick to things, I also know how quickly time passes by.  This diary will hold you through the ups and downs of the year, if you let it.  I want to help you learn, over the course of a whole year, how to bring yourself more deeply into the present moment. Each month is designed to support you through the astrology of the time.

Take a look inside the 2024 diary!

You can order the 
One Day at a Time 2024 Diary on Amazon

“The 2021 Diary has been such a source of hope for me. When I feel upset or drained, I open it randomly and an affirmation always pops out. It’s magical, it always seems to be exactly what I needed to hear.”
“I love this book, I actually used it every day, I usually drop things easily, but this one kept me going. I’m so excited for 2019, and I loved loved loved the free meditations too!”
“During the pandemic Abby’s 2020 diary is what kept me going. The healing affirmations gave me a focus away from fear and the media, I keep it by my bed and know that each day that comes, I can feel supported by this beautiful book.”
“This is the best diary ever! It’s the one I was showing everyone throughout the year. “
“One Day At a Time 2018, Abby Wynne’s journal is absolutely life changing (as well as the Hay House Energy Healing book I read last year, taught me how to harness my energy). I highly recommend to everyone!”
“I kept the 2019 diary under my pillow and I would start and end each day with it. It really helped me come back to my centre, and I will have it forever as a record of all the work that I did. I can’t wait for the next diary!”

Diaries over Time


Such a beautiful book

Images of my diary across the years

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