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Online Group
Healing Sessions

Group healing is incredibly powerful. Every month I facilitate an online group healing session where I tune into the energy of the group. If you're needing healing and conscious of your budget, then this is for you.

The Next Group Healing Session

Healing for Embodiment and Expansion
Membership Offer
22 Feb, 15:00 GMT
In Abby's webinar room
The live healing session will take place February 22nd at 3pm Irish time. It will be recorded with a replay made available to all. There is healing in the replay, and it is more powerful on repeat. Entry is FREE for Flower and Tree of Life Healing Circle Members, Seed of Life get 50% off.

Replays of Online Group Healing Sessions
are filled with Healing

You can purchase replays of online group healing sessions and receive healing right away - the healing is in my voice, and the more relaxed and focused you are while watching, the deeper your experience will be.

Below please find the newest replays for 2023. You can also purchase the replays for 2022, 2021 and more, coming soon!

PLEASE NOTE: Do not watch these videos while driving or operating machinery.