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How to Send Love and Light – A Practical Guide

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

The world needs us to stay in a place of love right now, and we all have access to this love, whether we know it or not.

We all can “send” love to people that we know, even if they live in different parts of the world, without having to be attuned to any particular energy, or trained in an energy healing modality like Reiki. We just need our good intention, a pure heart and a desire to fill the world with light. And a structure for how to do it! Which is what I intend to supply here.

Please share this post with your friends and anyone you feel might enjoy trying it. The more of us that choose peace and love, and actively send love and light out to the world; the more the energy of the earth will shift towards love and come into balance and heal itself. And that is what we want.

How to Send Love and Light to a Friend or Relative

Here are some simple steps you can try. For this exercise you can send love and light to someone who you know, whether they are a relative or friend, live near you or far away. Ask them afterwards if they felt it!

  • Go to a quiet place. If you really want to do this and if you haven’t before; make an effort to create a “space of love” for yourself so you can go deeply in the exercise and connect with how you are feeling.

    • A space of love is a quiet space both in the room where your physical body is, and in your mind, where you can think peaceful and loving thoughts. You can leave any disruptive thoughts outside your space of love for later where they will be waiting for you. You can also send physical pain outside your space of love, by imagining it leaving your body.

  • Set your intention – who is this love and light for? Picture them in your mind, and see a soft glow around them. Ask them if they would like to receive love from you. Wait for a yes – sometimes you may get a feeling of a no, and that’s ok too. Perhaps leave it for another time, or choose someone else.

  • Imagine the person you have chosen is in a bubble of energy which begins to open up to receive the love and light that you want to send to them.

  • As you picture the destination for this love and light, be aware of your body and what is going on with the energy around you. Slow down your thoughts, become aware of your breath. Focus on your breath, hear your heart beating and feel the ground beneath your feet, and begin to breathe from your stomach.

  • Place your hands on your stomach and feel it rise and fall as you breathe. Relax your stomach and let any tension flow out and down your legs, and into the earth. Become centred in your body, feel your legs, your lower body open and send all the tension you carry downwards and to the floor. Stay doing this for a while until you really feel that you are in a place of stillness.

  • Bring your awareness to your heart. Visualise it – is it closed or open? Is it small or large? What colour is it? Breathe into your heart and imagine the colours getting stronger, expanding in size and it opening. It is radiating love, like sunbeams. If you want help opening your heart, click here to try my SoundCloud meditation.

  • Imagine that the sunbeams radiating out of your heart are stretching out of your body and filling your body with love and light. Stay there breathing for a while and let the love and light clear away any negativity or unwanted emotional energy from your own energy space.

  • Imagine now that you are a clear space for love and light. As you imagine your sunbeams are getting bigger, visualise your own energy expanding and filling the room with love and light. If you get lightheaded doing this, only go as far as you feel comfortable, and continue to ground yourself.

  • Connect in with the image of the person you accessed at the beginning. Imagine the sunbeams are beaming out from you and washing them too – with pure, unconditional love and light.

    • Have no attachment to any outcome – you are not doing this to “make” this person love you back. You are doing this because you have this love to give, and perhaps this love and light is exactly what this person needs to feel today. Be grateful for the opportunity to share the love with the world, without needing anything in return.

  • Expand your flow of love and light outwards and imagine one other person who may need love and light today. Drench them in your sunbeams in your mind, and see them relax and smile as they feel warm and loved. Again, no attachment to outcome, no need to have that person do anything to pay you back.

  • When you are ready, let all the images dissolve slowly and come back into your space of love. Bring yourself back into your body, breathing slowly. Feel your arms, your legs, your feet in your shoes, feel that you are here, in your physical body, connected to the ground. Wiggle your fingers. Feel like you have completely disconnected from the people you were working with, in a gentle, loving way.

  • When you are ready, open your eyes.

You might want a few minutes to “come back to normal” after trying this, as this exercise does raise your vibration and if you’re not used to it it can make you feel lightheaded, or heavier in your body, some people may feel a little bit shaky. The more often you try it the more powerful it is, and the more willing you are to give love out to the world, the stronger your “sunbeams” it will be.

I’d love to hear your feedback, if you try this exercise, I’d love to know how you get on – do leave a comment below, and if you have any questions ask me in the comments too – I’m here to help!

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