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This bracelet imbues the energies of Ireland’s mystical side. It’s a beautiful bracelet that feels in-tune with the energies of nature, of Ireland herself, and the new luminous energies of healing. Each one is different and once you order it, I will divine which is the right one for you. Allow the beautiful energies of this bracelet to connect you to earth, as you open to Spirit and allow for high vibrational energies to come in.

This is a pre-made natural crystal bracelet with healing stones, imbued with healing energy from Abby. The intention behind the bracelet is to help you with your connection to nature. There is only one bracelet like this available so you will receive the exact one in the photographs.

The following natural crystal stones have been used which are said to have the following qualities:

Labradorite for intuition and psychic connection

Aventurine for calmness and connection to nature, creativity, spirituality, focus

Moss Agate for connection to mother earth, grounding, cleansing and clarity

Opalite – for connection to beauty, peace and inner calm

“Irish Wisdom” Healing Crystal Bracelet

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