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Shamanic Journey Intensive
An Online Programme

In these sessions you will learn about what Shamanism is, what the Shamanic Journey is, and how to use Shamanic Journey as a healing tool in your life.

Programme Content

You do not need any prior experience to take this programme, nor do you need any equipment. Just come as you are, sit back, relax and enjoy the images as you are taken on a magical journey to the landscape of your soul. You will receive drumming tracks and guided meditations as part of this programme that you can use again and again.

There are 3 sessions over 3 weeks.

  • Class 1:

    • Lower World Guided Journey 

    •   to meet your medicine portal

    •    to meet your guiding spirits

    •   self-guided journey to meet your power animal

  • Class 2:

    • Upper World Guided Journey:

    •    to discover the landscape and meet the Angels

    •    to meet a teacher in human form  – ascended master, mythological/ancestral

    •   self-guided journey to meet your cosmic soul family

  • Class 3:

    • Journey to the landscape of your heart

    • to Spirit and the land where you live

    • to connect to the Land and find a power place for you to go to recharge

    • Power and Soul Retrieval Journey

    • back in time to give yourself advice

    • to the landscape of you to find out what is blocking you from something

AND – There will be Healing!

Included in each audio lesson is an embedded healing session with me, where you have an opportunity to shift what is in the way of your happiest life now. All you have to do is give permission, open and receive the healing. And you get to keep the audio to listen to again and again

PLEASE NOTE: This programme is for you, to teach you how to heal yourself, be more present and empowered in your life and to embrace the joy, love and support that is here for you. This program is not about healing another person, nor will it qualify you to be a healer. It is not a substitute for one to one therapy. If you are in an abusive relationship this programme alone may not be enough to help you move through it. I am available for sessions if something comes up for you that you cannot shift yourself. I encourage you always to ask for professional help if you feel you need it. 

You can jump right in!

Shamanic Journey Intensive Class.jpg

About Self-Paced Programmes

Self-paced means exactly that - you do it at your own pace. You are empowered in your healing process when you take a self-paced programme because completing it is totally up to you.


Where the Shamanic Journey Intensive is scheduled to be delivered to you one lesson each week for 3 weeks, you can take longer than 3 weeks to do each session, or you can sit them as they are delivered to you, complete the entire programme, then do it again. I do recommend though that you work through it as delivered to keep the momentum going.


The work is in layers - there is more here than you will hear on first listen. Repetition will help you peel back what is here and now for you, but there is always more.

You can also do half a session, work with what has come up for you, and then go back to it in your own time. Just note that in my sessions there is healing, so if you stop in the middle of a section where healing is being offered to you, your energy field may be open, and that could have an impact on you depending on what you are doing next.

Here's an exercise you can do to get closer in touch with different aspects of you that may not want to do the work and create distractions to keep you away from it.

  • Take some time to ensure you will not be disturbed, make a safe space for yourself to go inwards.

  • Imagine yourself on a pathway, walking up to a beautiful garden. You can feel the crunching of the gravel beneath your feet, and feel the beautiful energy of the garden as you come up to the gate.

  • You open the gate and enter, and enjoy the senses of this garden all around you. 

  • There in the centre of the garden is a bench, you can go there and sit, relaxing and breathing, and allowing yourself to feel all that you are feeling.

  • Ask out loud "I am here, if there is an aspect of me that is struggling with this work, they are welcome to come and sit with me today, and let me know how I can help."

  • Wait and see who comes and sits with you. Be gentle with them, meet them at their level, listen and show compassion and love.

  • Reassure them that they are safe now, that you are an adult now, and that you will look after them.

  • When you're ready to say goodbye, give them a hug, or a handshake, and make sure you show up again for them, or fulfil anything they asked you to do, so in this way, you let them know you meant what you said.

As I said in the first paragraph, completing a programme is totally up to you. You also have the opportunity to go deeper with a programme once you have completed it. Make a date in your diary for 6 months time to give yourself space to digest the programme materials, then come back and do it again, and go deeper.

Finally - you may feel like you're on your own doing this as you are in full control, however there are many people working through these self-paced programmes and they're all invited to join my healing chat group. Come in and introduce yourself, ask a question, meet like-minded people. How much you share is totally up to you, just know that you are not alone.


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As a Flower or Tree member of my healing circle you get access to all the Online Group Healing Sessions for free. Tree Members get access to the back catalogue, AND they also get to be part of my exclusive Tree of Life, Life Mastery Sessions.

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