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Sometimes you just need to know that somebody has your back.

By joining the Healing Circle, you can feel supported all the time, no matter what is going on for you in your life, right now.

For Empaths everywhere, know this.

It is okay to ask for help.

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You are invited to join my community of light.

With 3 different levels to choose from, you can find the support you need from me in your life, right now. And, even better, you can upgrade and downgrade your membership to suit your needs.

These are my main offerings but there are many more (see the plans below)


  • Exclusive Content

  • Distance Healing

  • Community via chat groups and occasional Zoom Sessions

  • Online Group Healing Session once a month (for a valet clean of your energy field)

  • Tree of Life Mastery Sessions (Tree of Life only)

​Just being connected lifts you into a new energetic space. Be invited to the occasional Zoom coffee with me, get access to an exclusive chat group on Telegram, where you can ask anything, get support and feel validated by other members of this community of light, make new friends and be empowered.

Plus receive distance healing once a month, or more, if needed. It’s all here for you! Just choose which level you want, add to cart, set it up, and you’re in!

Exploring the Different Levels of
Abby's Healing Circle

My Healing Circle is split into three levels - Seed of Life, Flower of Life and Tree of Life. Here's a little bit more about each level, to help you choose which one suits you best, for now. You can move between levels if you need additional support, or if you are feeling like you just want the energetic connection. It's all here for you!


Seed of Life

Seed of Life - become a seed if you want to have an energetic connection with me, feel supported by a community of light and receive distance healing once a month. 


You can chat in our Telegram group, chat on the website forum. I also record videos/audio files with insight/ideas, and you're invited to Healing Circle Zoom Coffees from time to time where you can ask me anything!

Unique to Seed: 50% off Online Group Healing Sessions.


Flower of Life

Flower of Life - everything a Seed gets but you also get FREE entry into all of the Online Group Healing Sessions every month as long as you're a member AND you get access to my online programme, 5 Days to Raise your Vibration, which is worth €75. In just 5 days you will be feeling bright, shiny and clear in your energy field.

I recommend the Flower of Life level if you want a deeper connection to me and are willing to do some active work to empower yourself and learn how to look after your spiritual, emotional and mental health.  


Tree of Life

Tree of Life is my top tier. If you need hands-on support then this is the one for you. Trees get everything Seeds and Flowers get, and so much more. Tree of Life has a private telegram group, closer contact with me, discount coupons for one-to-one sessions and access to the Tree of Life, Life Mastery Session which is exclusive to the Healing Circle.

In the Life Mastery Session, not only can you ask me anything, you receive support and healing from me, and from all the other members of the Tree of Life group. Group energy is amplified. We are also currently hosting a mianifstation circle, to hold energy for each other's creations as we bring them into form.