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If you're interested in having a peaceful life where you accept yourself completely for who you are, and have space in your lives to forgive others too, then you will enjoy this healing programme.

The Forgiveness Sessions

Programme Content

There are 3 video sessions, each one is approx 60-90 minutes long and is filled with healing to help you travel into the issues and do the work at a deeper level.

When you sign up you get the first session right away, then have one week to complete it. The second session will be delivered automatically.


The sessions are as follows:

  • Preparation - get ready to do the work. 

    • Here, we look at what we have placed in the way of ourselves, of our healing process, of why we do not allow ourselves to be powerful. We will clear all of it, so that we are ready to forgive.

  • Forgive yourself - the fundamental part of all forgiveness

    • One week after doing the clearing work, you can notice what has reappeared since being cleared so you can spend more time on it. 

    • We look at the reasons why you can’t forgive yourself, and work with your higher self and the younger aspects of yourself so that you can finally release yourself from the chains that you have put yourself in

    • We approach self-acceptance so that you can embody this, and work towards accepting yourself completely for who you are.

    • We also look at self-sabotage, so that you can recognise it and work with it instead of running from it. ive everyone else - planting the seeds of the process

  • Forgive Everyone Else - The aspiration that you can work towards

    • ​This is a big piece of work, in this session we just set the intention to forgive everyone so that it sets the process in motion. The expectation is that you are not able to do this yet, and you may not clear everything you are carrying in this session. If you allow yourself to go deep, you will find out all the reasons why you are holding onto the pain and anger, and over time, with repetition and self-forgiveness, you will be able to release and let go, and truly forgive everyone else in your life.

You can jump right in!

About Self-Paced Programmes

Self-paced means exactly that - you do it at your own pace. You are empowered in your healing process when you take a self-paced programme because completing it is totally up to you.


Where The Forgiveness Sessions are scheduled to be delivered to you one each week for 3 weeks, you can take longer than 3 weeks to do each session, or you can sit them as they are delivered to you, complete the entire programme, then do it again. The work is in layers - there is more here than you will hear on first listen. So it is designed to help you peel back what is here and now for you, but there is always more.

You can also do half a session, work with what has come up for you, and then go back to it in your own time. Just note that in my sessions there is healing, so if you stop in the middle of a section where healing is being offered to you, your energy field may be open, and that could have an impact on you depending on what you are doing next.


Here's something you can do to close it down yourself, if you are needing to step away from the work:

  • Visualise a bubble of golden light surrounding your energy field and your physical body completely.

  • Feel it solidifying, and containing you in your current state

  • Then spend a moment or two checking-in with yourself to ask yourself if you are okay before you commence your next activity.

Remember - you might go into a healing process which means that emotions can come up for you as they are leaving your body. Don't ask yourself what the emotion is, just allow it to move through you as it is clearing. Breathe through it if it becomes intense. you can also take time outside in nature - go for a walk, or give yourself space to cry if needed.

As I said in the first paragraph, completing a programme is totally up to you. You also have the opportunity to go deeper with a programme once you have completed it. Make a date in your diary for 6 months time to give yourself space to digest the programme materials, then come back and do it again, and go deeper.

Finally - you may feel like you're on your own doing this as you are in full control, however there are many people working through these self-paced programmes and they're all invited to join my healing chat group. Come in and introduce yourself, ask a question, meet like-minded people. How much you share is totally up to you, just know that you are not alone. You might like to join my Healing Circle for additional support as you work through the material of this programme.


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Join my Healing Circle

As a Flower or Tree member of my healing circle you get access to all the Online Group Healing Sessions for free. Tree Members get access to the back catalogue, AND they also get to be part of my exclusive Tree of Life, Life Mastery Sessions.

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