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I offer many ways to heal

Healing happens when you're ready - most of the work is preparation. I meet you where you are, right now, and we start from here. Read a little bit about how I work, and see if there's a healing session type that calls to you.

Find out what Energy Healing is, and why I mix Shamanism and Psychotherapy for a deeper transformational experience

Types of Healing Sessions with Abby

Sometimes you need a quick fix, other times you want to do it in your own time, in your pyjamas, in bed! I have many different ways you can connect to me and receive healing. Check them all out and see which one feels right for you, for now. And come back for the others, when you're ready!

Recorded Audio Sessions

Instant downloadable audio files that you can play as often as you wish, to go as deep as you like. Try one right now, see what you are called to!

Online Group Session Replays

Catch a recording of one of our group sessions, they're powerful and packed with healing and useful information.