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Each replay is filled with light and healing. People say it deepens on repeat. The potency of each replay varies depending on the theme.


Find one that calls to you or simply pick the newest one that's there, if you missed the live session. You're welcome to join me at the next live OGHS, click the button to find out more.

Online Group Healing Session Replays (OGHS)

Each video has learning and healing imbued in layers

These are the replays from 2023 so far. Each one is designed to be listened to on repeat. Each replay includes a deep energy clearing and cleansing.

  • January - Healing for Stability and Balance

  • February - Healing for Embodiment and Expansion

  • March - Spring Clearing and Cleansing Session

  • April - Healing for Lightness and Joy

  • May - DNA and Lightcode Activation

  • June - Summer Clearing Session

  • July - Connecting to Grace

  • August - Ignite your Divine Blueprint

  • September - Connecting to the Sun

  • October -  Connect to your Inner Magic

  • November - 

  • December -