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Raise your Vibration Bootcamp

My Keynote online programme that teaches you how to shed heavy emotional energy, connect to lightness and joy, and develop your own spiritual practice

The next Raise your Vibration Bootcamp starts
September 2024
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Do you feel grotty, tired, heavy and sluggish? 
Is your brain fog clouding your decision-making process?
Wouldn't you love to know how to clear your energy for yourself so you can be fresh, alert, and in the present moment? 

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Why do you need to
Raise Your Vibration?

It’s time for us to stop being in fear. To obtain vibrant health, we must reclaim who we are. To take our lives back, and to reconnect to joy, we need to raise our vibration.

Nobody is talking about healing. Healing is a process. Healing must happen before we can step into vibrant health.

If you can receive joy and let it into your body and be with yourself in stillness, then you raise your vibration. You become clear and intact, authentic and have high integrity. This is difficult to do at the moment, that’s what I want to help you with.

 Look at the emotional spiral – where are you on the scale? Can you find yourself there? Notice how you may not be in one spot for very long, sometimes you are up, and sometimes you are not. It can be difficult to stablise.

If you let go of heaviness you will rise to a higher state of being, be empowered and unapologetic for who you are. Bootcamp will be about exactly that, and I invite you to join me, with all of my heart. Let us all heal, together.


What to expect when you sign up for Raise your Vibration Bootcamp

You will receive 21 days of emails, one each day for the duration of the programme

Each email will contain a task for you to do that day in the form of a reflective exercise, an audio meditation or a video.

The task for each email should take you only 10/15 minutes to complete, which you can do in your own time, anytime that day.

You will be invited to a healing opening webinar and a healing closing webinar.

In the opening webinar, the group sets intention for the work to come in, we release the fears around healing and around doing the work and then you will experience a deep, powerful clearing of those fears to raise you up and get you started on the right note.

The closing webinar looks at where we have been during the programme, answers any questions around what may have come up, and there again is a deep, powerful healing to transform any emotional debris or energetic weight that you may have trouble clearing yourself.

You will receive a recording for both webinars if you cannot make the live sessions, and the healing in the recording I’ve been told can be even more powerful.


Throughout the course of the programme I will help you release whatever is standing in your way of healing and becoming your best self, so that you shed fear around doing the work. We will work together to clear and heal whatever is holding you back in life such as energy blocks, stuck emotions, entanglements in relationships. The types of things we will do include: deep grounding, receiving healing, cutting cords, releasing ancestral contracts, clearing past life wounding, healing trauma, releasing DNA and activating your higher self.

You will be part of a group, supported in your journey, for whatever may come up for you as you let go of heavy and slow vibrational energies, get your power back, learn who you are and what you love, so that you can create a happier and more meaningful life for yourself.

Why 21 days?

I want you to create your own daily spiritual practice, and to get used to doing it every day. If you want to know more about a daily spiritual practice, click to read my blog post.


Raise your Vibration Bootcamp is 21 days because it has been shown that you can create a new habit in just 30 days! I don't want to do the full 30 days for you, it's empowering to let you do the last 7 days by yourself. A little like riding a bike, I take off the training wheels and let you ride on your own! You can buddy up with a new friend and support each other to ride solo, if you want to!

When bootcamp is over, if you continue with your daily practice, using the exercises that I have given you and elaborating on them with your own, you have a high chance of being able to retain your higher vibrational state. You will see your life change around you because your energy has changed.

I run this programme twice a year, sometimes running an additional one in the summer and it’s helped people create lasting change in their lives. People come back because they feel the support that is there, and there’s always more work to be done!


"I feel stronger, more confident, peaceful, calm and centred. I know I have a practice I can go to that will centre me no matter what happens that day."

"Abby I just LOVED bootcamp, I really felt a shift in myself, like I was coming home to myself, and it stuck! After bootcamp when I was feeling blechy I pulled up some of the exercises we did during bootcamp and they instantly helped. I’m so grateful for you and all the work you are doing for the world. Thank you thank you!!!"

"When I feel overwhelmed, frustrated or anxious, just a few minutes doing one of the bootcamp exercises helps me ground myself and feel more like me again."

 "I think, no I know that Bootcamp was one of the best things I ever did for myself. Allowing myself to release the fear FINALLY around being who I am, it changed everything for me. Being seen and finding new friends, wow. I can’t wait for the next one!"

"I have a new sense of inner peace, a sense of belonging, and a feeling of purpose. I can pick right up where I left off, I have the tasks that I loved and the ones I didn’t love so much… I do those too because I know they help me."

"I catch myself getting caught in the details of what is going on around me, and I remember to pull myself out of it and ground myself. I am much more present in my life now and so much happier!"

Spectrum of Emotional Frequency

You are a living vibrant being, in flow, in motion, always changing. Your vibration is the frequency at which you resonate with life.  The Law of Magnetic Attraction states that the resonance of your vibration will attract more of the same. So in Bootcamp we work towards raising the frequency of your baseline vibration, so you can attract in higher emotional energies, and higher experiences too! Click the images and discover which emotions are at a low, and a high vibration, and you can also read the articles at the bottom of this page to find out more.

Low vibrational emotional scale
high vibrational emotions

If you can't wait for the next bootcamp...

Why not try my 5 day programme
5 Days to Raise your Vibration?


  • It's instant access.

  • 5 days 1 audio file per day

  • All you have to do is listen.

Let the my voice and the energies do the work.

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