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Golden Healing Light
Attunement Workshop

There will be more than one workshop as more healers are needed in the world right now. 

Our next session is May 16th 2024

LIVE EVENT 7pm IST | 2pm EDT | 11am PDT  - it doesnt matter if you are there live you will get the replay (but it's better if you are there live!)

Golden Healing Light Attunement Workshop
Golden Healing Light Attunement Workshop
16 May 2024, 19:00
Abby's Webinar Room

About the Golden Healing Light

The Golden Healing Light came to me while I was doing healing work at Mark Attwood's Cosmic Retreat in the Sahara. The first attunements were offered during the retreat.

I'm excited to now be able to offer this healing frequency as an attunement - if you come to the workshop, not only will I tune you in to the healing power of the Golden Healing Light, I will teach you how to use it to heal yourself, friends and family. You can also use the new healing light on pets, plants, and for collective healing.

We are in a time of great turmoil, and it is more important than ever to focus on higher frequency. The world needs more healers, and The Golden Healing Light has come in just at the right time.

Ticket prices are on a sliding scale because I want as many people as possible to come and join this new frequency. Please choose the price that feels in alignment for the work that I am offering you as well as one that fits your budget.

Navigating this frequency is incredible. Abby speaks light, healing, and guidance to the imagination and high self which is limitless. Her words allow you to travel and see things we have long forgotten. She walks with you and shows you what is waiting for you. This golden light is running through me, I can feel and see it.

Jo Ann

Golden Healing Light 
Workshop - May 16th
Update Video!


Why not join my Healing Circle?

Depending on what tier you choose, you get:

  • Distance healing every month and exclusive content from me

  • Spontaneous Zoom Coffee's and AAA with me (ask Abby Anything!)

  • Access to my monthly online group healing session at the end of each month - Flowers and Trees only

  • Private chat-group where you meet like-minded people

  • Coupons and discount for programmes and digital content from the website

  • Life Mastery Sessions - Trees only

  • Access to me for one-to-one sessions - Trees get priority


All members of the Healing Circle also get FREE access to my favourite healing programme - 5 Days to Raise your Vibration!

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