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A forest holds a certain frequency. Each forest is different, depending on how old it is, how happy the soil is, how many people come by each day. Things like excavation, construction and vehicle throughput can change it's frequency. So just like the image here - imagine a healthy, vibrant, strong forest.

You hold a frequency too - it can be harmonious like a forest, but it is more likely to be disharmonious due to disruption, emotional pain, and toxins from your environment including noise, microwaves and so much more. 


So here you are, standing outside this beautiful forest. Walk into it. You change, almost immediately, don't you? The longer you stay there, the more peaceful you become. You release your disharmony, the forest holds a space for you, and you recalibrate to the frequency of the forest. When the walk is finished, you come out of the forest feeling better - feeling in harmony. This is called forest bathing.

Imagine if you could have a product at home that just by spending time with it, like a forest, you could come back into balance and feel better? Well now you can. It's called the Orynoco.


Orynoco v4 Healing Pod

It doesn't look like much but the Orynoco v4 Healing Pod is the most powerful piece of healing equipment that I have ever come across. Just 20 minutes in the pod is like a full hour of forest bathing! It clears my energy field for me, brings my body back into balance - and, even better, when a colour photograph is placed inside the pod, healing goes to the person in the photograph through the quantum field. Think of the possibilities!


I have placed my brother's dogs in there, my family, clients and people I have never met in person. Each of them have either displayed an improvement (dogs!) or explicitly said how much better they feel.


If you are interested you can contact me for a mini-orynoco distance session - just email to experience it for yourself. Otherwise, you can get a pod of your own.

oryn port.jpg

Orynoco Portable Pod

The portable is wonderful if you can't afford the v4 Pod. It comes with three inserts for different intentions for your healing but honestly I am very happy just using the 'Grounded' combination. It helps you come back into balance quicker than you probably could do on your own. It amplifies the field of a v4 Pod if you have both (they work beautifully together) or is a wonderful support station for you as a stand-alone product.

Orynoco Quantum Loop

More affordable than the v4 Pod or the portable this would be my next favourite item made by the Orynoco team. Watch my video with Malcom as we discuss the Loop and all the different ways to use it. There is so much scope for possibility I am genuinely excited for this product. I'm puting my money behind an Orynoco teddy bear for babies - Malcom? When will it be ready?? :-)

oryn loop.jpg
oryn pendant.jpg

Orynoco Pendant

The last product I will share here is the Orynoco pendant. It comes in many different colours and shapes, and is a wonderful way to carry the energy of the Orynoco around with you. You can, again, get this to compliment one of the other products, but it also works well as a stand-alone. I love my pendant!!

Orynoco Distance Healing

You can listen to a recording that I made in the Orynoco - it is a distance healing session through my voice, to you. Hope you enjoy it!

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