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Clairsentience and Divination - How to Manifest your Best and Highest Timeline

This is a replay of a workshop that took place November 29th 2023 where Abby talks about timelines, parallel universes and awakening to our psychic gifts

About this Replay

Clairsentience - the ability to sense energy and receive intuitive information through one's feelings or emotions. It is associated with empathy, and those who possess it can pick up on the emotions and physical sensations of those around them. However, there are many other ways to describe this ability. Some synonyms for clairsentience include intuitive feeling, sixth sense, gut instinct, psychic sense, or extra-sensory perception. Other terms that may be used to describe this ability include empathic, sensitive, or perceptive. Regardless of what it is called, this unique ability can provide insight and guidance to those who cultivate it.  


We are becoming more Clairsentient, and we are becoming better able to discern what is true and what is not. So why do we still need someone to give us a psychic reading? And how accurate are these readings anyway, when we are experiencing so many timeline changes?


Join me for a class where I will explore divination and your expanding conscousness - as our new abilities of clairvoyance, claircogniscence, clairaudience kick in, what does it mean for us? I also want to talk about how psychic readings have been affected by the upgrades, timeline shifts,etc, and how we can take the reigns of our own futures and manifest our best and highest timeline

You can jump right in!

Clairsentience and Divination

Clairsentience and Divination

As mentioned in this replay...


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