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If you'd like to feel happier, or attract more love, happiness and joy into your life, then this programme is for you. And for it to start working on you, all you have to do is listen to an audio file for 5 days in a row!

5 Days to Raise your Vibration

Programme Content

There are 5 audio files between 30 and 50 minutes long. All you have to do is listen to them, one a day for 5 days, to let the energies do the work.

Listening doesn't have to be 5 days in a row, but that does help! Each file is filled with powerful healing energies designed to lift away heavy energies such as grief, sadness, anger and guilt. Each file works on a different level and layer of your energies, so at the most basic level, all you have to do is listen and let the energy do the work for you! Once you start feeling better, you then have the option of listening to all 5 audios again and going deeper into the healing work. And once again, embedded deeper into the work you will find options and suggestions for you to use in your life, techniques and skills for you to learn, so you can become empowered to look after your own energy on a daily basis, by yourself.

This is my favourite of all of the programmes that I have ever created. It’s so powerful, yet so gentle. You get what you need, each time you listen to it. and you get to keep all 5 audios so you can listen over again, as often as you wish.

Why do you need to Raise your Vibration?


There is a spectrum of frequency which maps to emotional energies. The accuracy of these illustrations I offer you could be debated, however they are a good example of what is possible.

At the top of the scale we have joy, freedom, appreciation, empowerment and enthusiasm. When you are feeling good you feel lighter in yourself, and you do resonate with these emotional energies.

According to The Law of Attraction, you attract what you are. So when you are higher frequency you attract in a higher frequency. When love, happiness and enthusiasm is at the higher end of the scale, this in itself is a good reason to be at a higher vibration.

From the mid-point we have apathy, boredom and lack of motivation, which illustrates a state of neutrality. That can shift up or down depending on the person, and the circumstances. 


As you move towards the lower vibrations you shift into worry, blame, anger, jealousy, guilt, fear and grief. At the bottom of the scale we have depression.

Now I also believe that anger can be used for positive change, and that some forms of anger are not low vibrational. As well as that, I believe that depression equates to soul-loss. So if you are feeling depressed, consider my soul-retrieval pre-recorded healing session as a first stop, before trying this programme.

This is my most popular programme. Over 1000 people have taken it and reported great results. I share some of their testimonials below. For only €75, you can't go wrong!

Jump right in!

  1. "I love this programme, I think Abby made it just for me! Every time I feel heavy or sad, I go back to it. She always cheers me up, and I always feel better afterwards."

Sarah Anstin

About Self-Paced Programmes

Self-paced means exactly that - you do it at your own pace. You are empowered in your healing process when you take a self-paced programme because completing it is totally up to you.


Where 5 Days to Raise your Vibration is scheduled to be delivered to you one a day for 5 days, you can take longer than 5 days to do each session, or you can sit them as they are delivered to you, complete the entire programme, then do it again. The work is in layers - there is more here than you will hear on first listen. So it is designed to help you peel back what is here and now for you, but there is always more.

For this programme I recommend that you complete the audio file, rather than switch it off mid-way. You can then repeat a particular audio file before going on to the next one. If you are highly triggered by one of them, and yes, this can happen when you're shedding heavy energy, then that is the one you need to listen to several times.

If you need some space to process what has come up for you while needing to get back to your daily activities, here's a visualisation that could help:

  • Visualise a bubble of golden light surrounding your energy field and your physical body completely.

  • Feel it solidifying, and containing you in your current state

  • Then spend a moment or two checking-in with yourself to ask yourself if you are okay before you commence your next activity.

Remember - you might go into a healing process which means that emotions can come up for you as they are leaving your body. Don't ask yourself what the emotion is, just allow it to move through you as it is clearing. Breathe through it if it becomes intense. you can also take time outside in nature - go for a walk, or give yourself space to cry if needed.

As I said in the first paragraph, completing a programme is totally up to you. You also have the opportunity to go deeper with a programme once you have completed it. Make a date in your diary for 6 months time to give yourself space to digest the programme materials, then come back and do it again, and allow yourself to go deeper.

Finally - you may feel like you're on your own doing this as you are in full control, however there are many people working through these self-paced programmes and they're all invited to join my healing chat group. Come in and introduce yourself, ask a question, meet like-minded people. How much you share is totally up to you, just know that you are not alone.


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