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Pure Energy Distance Healing

Sometimes you don’t want to talk about it, you just want to feel better. My Pure Energy Distance Healing Sessions are designed to work instantly and get straight to the heart of the issue. Once you order a session from me, I connect to you and send the healing right away.

Distance Healing for Different Issues

There are no guarantees when it comes to energy healing. The energy goes to where it is most needed, which might not be where you expect or want it to go.

I have been exhausted and run down. After just one session of pure energy healing, I felt like I had a full night's sleep, I was motivated and enthusiastic for life once more.
Nicola P.

If you want a paragraph of guidance/a message from your higher self with your healing, you might prefer an email mini-session
(Please note email mini-sessions can take 3-5 days)

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