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Healing Sessions

If you're not ready to jump into a programme or a session with me and need something specific and short that you can do in your own home, in your own time.

To get the most out of these tracks...

These are healing sessions - just as you would carve time in your diary by making an appointment with a therapist, you need to carve time in your diary to make time to listen to these. This means, you must listen uninterrupted. Turn off your phone, close the door, have a blanket at hand in case you get cold, tissues if you get emotional, and a notebook if you get inspired.

It is totally up to you how deep into your issues you want to go. Here is an example of how to get 3 or more weeks worth of healing, to make the most out of one of these tracks (whichever one you are drawn to). Then you can come back and try another one!


NOTE: You wouldn't go to two therapy sessions in a week, so give yourself at least a week in between listens to allow yourself to process, digest and embody both the healing and the concepts in the track.

Here's a scenario for you:


First Listen:
Normally what happens is that the first time you listen, you receive the healing that's imbued in the track (which could mean you fall asleep - that's totally okay!). Then when you're ready come back and listen again.


Second Listen:
A this point your subconscious mind is warmed up to the work and you are able to hear more of the layers around your issue. You could be inspired here, or emotional, realise your patterns and become overwhelmed by them. That's okay too - its a natural part of the healing process. Again, there is healing in each track, let it in and don't worry about making changes, just think about the possiblity that you coudl make changes.

Third Listen:
Now you're awake and aware of what is coming, you've heard the track twice before and have had time to think about it. You agree and disagree with some of it, laugh when you hear something you didn't hear before, and have allowed yourself to notice at a deeper level your own responses and reactions in real life. You write furiously in your notebook making plans, observations and strategies (with my help as these are in the track) so that you can shift your thinking and change your response to life. You also open deeper to the healing and it penetrates your heart as well, because you totally trust the process now and are on-board with making the changes in your life, so that you can live your happiest life, now.




Please note: Healing is complementary to clinical medicine and these tracks are not a replacement for any treatment you may be receiving. If you are feeling ill, please do go to see your doctor.

These are downloadable Mp3's

You can download these files directly to your computer and then install them onto your mobile phone if you so wish. You can also download them onto a tablet or mobile device . If you do this, you will find them in your downloads folder.

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