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Planting the Seeds

Step into a world of fairy tales, healing prayers and poetry designed to activate and awaken, to stimulate your heart and to open your mind.

There is healing here if you want it – are you ready?

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Planting the Seeds

Poetry, Short Stories and Prayers

For the first time, international bestselling author Abby Wynne publishes a collection of her poems, short stories and prayers. Designed to activate and awaken, to stimulate your heart and open your mind, these writings illustrate magic in action.

Known for her self-care books "How to Be Well", "Heal your Inner Wounds" and "The Book of Healing Affirmations", Abby brings her unique blend of shamanism and magic, psychotherapy and healing into a new format which is guaranteed to lift your heart.


Let Abby's words help you open to receive a source of unconditional love which is already here, you just need to let it in.

Now Available as an eBook from Amazon!

Judy Vance

Do you normally read a book from cover to cover? You're going to want to do that with this book.
"Planting The Seeds" Poetry, Stories, and Prayers
Even before you get to the actual content of this book, you will find a wealth of mystery, truth, and wonder!
Each step you take is preparation for what's to come... so make sure you read every morsel because it's there for a reason. To bless you! And each step forward with a flip of a page you are experiencing the sowing of the most marvelous garden of your life and you will walk away with the tools to tend to it. And so it is~

A Happy Reader on

I love the fact that you can just dip in and out of this book. It’s really interesting what you can find when you just open it on a random page.

Listen to me read one of the short stories from the book

About This Book

Illustrated by my daughter, Megan Wynne, this book is a cumulation of 20 years of my writings including poetry, short stories and prayers.

You will find a spiral of the healing journey in this book, starting with the difficulty of pain, then going deep into the darkness to ascend the other side, whole once more.

Discover the story of Andrew, who was plagued by fairies, or the woman who helped evacuate whole planets, or the French woman who never left her house.


Find prayers to bring light into your life, to help you climb out of the darkness, and to open a sacred space.


Poems designed to make you contemplate the very nature of our existance.

I hope you enjoy it, let it inspire you, open a pathway to healing, activate your inner knowing, and validate your healing process.

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Praise for “Planting the Seeds”


“I just let the book fall open where it will and I know that it will have a message for me.” KM, USA

“Thank you for this beautiful book, it inspires me.” MJ, Ireland

“I knew when I held this in my hand for the first time that there was healing inside this book for me. I spent a whole day crying when I read one of the poems. It’s beautiful. Thank you for writing it.” SW, USA

“The first thing that I read was the Prayer for difficult people, boy did I need to read that! I’ve been using that prayer and it has given me strength and patience that I need to manage the difficult people in my family! Thank you Abby from the bottom of my heart.” GP, U.K.

“I loved the “song of woman 1,2&3.” I could relate to all of it. It was me. How did you know?” JD, France.


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