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Online Group Healing Sessions

There is power in group healing.

December Online Group Healing Session

Winter Clearing and Manifesting Session - December OGHS
Winter Clearing and Manifesting Session - December OGHS
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20 Dec 2023, 15:00 GMT
In Abby's Webinar Room

Watch the replay of the most recent Online Group Healing Session

Nov 23 OGHS

Nov 23 OGHS

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Each month we clear, cleanse and heal, working with the energies of the moment, doing exactly what is needed.
It's like getting a valet clean for your energy field!

What's the benefit of going to an Online Group Healing Session? (OGHS)

Occasionally  I love to get someone else to clean my car inside and out, I feel a valet clean is a treat! I know I am well able to clean it myself most of the time, but sometimes you just need that professional touch. They see stuff that I can't see, reach deeper than I ever could. And my car always feels bright and new once it's done. It's the same with your energy field.

If you're reading this you probably are well able to manage the light cleaning of your energy field by yourself, but there is a lot more going on energetically, through many more frequencies than you are probably aware of. And there's always stuff there that you can't see, or heavy energies that you have gotten so used to you think they're your own. A little like the grit I had on my wheels, I got a surprise when I saw they cleaned up shiny and bright!

So why not come to my group session for a deeper clean? I faciliatate them once a month so you can come for a once-off, come once a quarter, or come once a month if you like how you feel when we are done.

The one thing that I am sure about when I facilitate an Online Group Healing Session (OGHS) is that it is going to be powerful. I have to be honest - I never know where we go, as it depends very strongly on the current energies and the energies of the group - that includes you! The replays are filled with light and healing, as are the live webinars.

Each month the theme of the session is different, depending on what is needed. All you have to do to join me is make yourself comfortable where you won't be disturbed, and listen to my voice, let your imagination carry you and open to the healing that is being sent. 

Since being a member of Abby's Healing Circle I feel like I have back-up on call. It's made me more confident to take risks that I'd not ordinarily do. And they're paying off, too!

You can buy the latest Online Group Healing Session replays here.