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Energy Healing Made Easy

Unlock your potential as a healer

Energy Healing Made Easy

Unlock your potential as a healer

Originally part of the “Hay House Basics’ Series this book has gotten a fresh new look and has been re-launched as the new “Made Easy” series. But I will tell you up-front – there is nothing easy about Energy Healing!

In this book I explain the basic concepts of energy healing and give you exercises and techniques for getting started right away.

The book is divided into three parts – Basic Concepts, Healing Practice and Where to go Next. You no longer have to look outside for someone to help you heal – with my book you can take the first steps yourself.

This book will help you heal yourself, in your own time, at your own pace. Feel empowered to do your work, and feel better!

You will learn how to:

  • ground and centre yourself

  • open to a healing light

  • send energy healing to loved ones

  • bring healing into your everyday activities

  • feel calmer and more balanced


S. Kearns, Ireland

I’ve engaged in energy work for many years now, sporadically, and during meditation have always felt very “to the left” in my my energy. No matter how I tried to centre, change it or become balanced in my body, I’d never achieve it. I have self harmed my right side for many years and just feel absent in that side of my body.
But after trying your centring exercise as detailed, I gathered my consciousness from that left hand side and brought it to centre and now whenever I meditate I do feel fully centred in my body! I’m amazed at how simple it was. It does slip back sometimes but now I know I can bring myself back. Thank you so so much. It is wonderful to feel fully centred at last and I am so grateful.

You can take Energy Healing Made Easy as a class on the
Hay House Website!


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