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Healing Crystals

I make a range of bracelets that can support you on your healing journey - use my bracelets for grounding, opening your intuition, enhancing your psychic abilities, and promoting self-love. I also make bespoke bracelets just for you, to fulfil what you need right now. All of my jewellery is imbued with healing energies.

I also occasionally have healing crystals and pendants that are available for sale. Have a look around and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Crystals are here to help you

I have worked with crystals over many years to help me on my healing journey and I’m delighted to be able to offer crystals to you. I can make a unique bracelet just for you, made from natural stones and filled with healing and intention, to help bring balance and support into your daily life.

I’m so excited about this because it’s a way of bringing the energetic into form in this reality; you can touch a bracelet and feel it around your wrist and know that there is healing inside of it just for you. Having an object imbued with healing can bring great support, confidence and strength into your life.

I am also delighted to offer you some once-off crystal pendants that I have worked with over time, that have been filled with healing energy and are ready to go to a new owner. You will find more details on each of these individual pendants in my shop.

Things that crystals can help you with include:

  • Confidence

  • Emotional Balance

  • Empowerment

  • Stillness of mind

  • Connection to inner wisdom

  • Reducing stress levels

  • Increasing intuition

  • Self-Love

  • Self-care

  • Connection to a spiritual Practice

  • Grounding

  • More patience and tolerance

  • Sensitivity to the environment

  • Mindfulness and being in the present moment

  • Boosting mood

  • Connection to light

  • Raises your vibration

  • Energy Expansion

  • Feeling of being safe in the world

I am on Vacation!!

Please do feel free to order a bespoke crystal bracelet, or to buy a healing crystal BUT they will not be shipped out to you until Mid-Late July.

Prescription Healing Bracelet

Prescription = what you need right now. The medicine is in the healing energies in your bracelet. (If you need an actual prescription for physical symptoms you still need to visit your doctor!)


I connect to your unique energy blueprint, send you healing, and then create a special healing bracelet made from natural crystals to your specifications, and imbue that with even more healing for you.

Once you purchase a prescription bracelet from me you have the opportunity to let me know what you feel you need the healing for, and if you have any special request for intention to be added to the bracelet.

The images in this product are sample bracelets only. Your bracelet will be created specially for you and will be tailored specifically for your needs. 

Jane Torres

Abby asked me to write a review I have trouble with these things! But this bracelet is wonderful so I guess I want to share that. If you’re thinking of getting one, do. The healing session helped me feel so peaceful and relaxed, and since it happened I wake up every day feeling like something has changed in my life, in a good way. And then I look at the bracelet and I know that it’s true.

Crystal Healing Bracelets

Please read the following before you buy.


These bracelets are designed to help you on your journey. Your intention to work with the bracelet can enhance the experience that you have and increase the healing that you receive. However these bracelets, and in fact, any kind of distance healing, are not a replacement for therapy, nor are they cures for physical illness. If you are in physical pain please go see your doctor.

Each bracelet is different. I will need to be clear in my energies so that I can choose the right bracelet for you. This means that I must make the time and space to connect to you, which is not something that I can always guarantee immediately after a sale has been made. Once I choose your bracelet, I then need time to charge up the stones with additional healing.


These bracelets are not for someone who wants instant gratification!! Good things are worth the wait! It could take me a week or longer to prepare this for you before shipping. I will let you know at every stage where we are with your bracelet. Thanks for your patience in advance!

Crystal Pendants and Stones

I use crystal pendants and healing stones to support me on my own journey - they hold me in the energy that I’m working with at that time. From time to time a contract that I have with a particular crystal pendant or stone comes to an end. They are so beautiful, I want to send them onwards to help someone else.


I have cleared all of these crystals and filed them with healing energies for their new owner.  They all are alive, vibrant and ready to find someone new to work with. Is it you?

Try my free 5 Day Energy Clearing Challenge

Do you feel grotty, tired, heavy and sluggish? 
Is your brain fog clouding your decision-making process?
Wouldn't you love to know how to clear your energy for yourself so you can be fresh, alert, and in the present moment? 

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