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Welcome to the bookshelf of Abby Wynne

I feel most alive when I am writing

My self-care books are practical, my healing books are clear, and my fiction reads like a thriller, people just can’t put it down! I have a no-nonsense truthful approach. I write to teach you about how there is magic in the world, and how there is magic and beauty in you, too. Maybe you’ve just forgotton.

My mission is to heal the world, by teaching people how to heal themselves, and through the many different modalities I have to offer, I do believe that I’m keeping to my mission! 

Some of my books have been translated into different languages including Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, Croatian, Serbian, Turkish, Polish and Italian.


I feel blessed to be so productive, and I look forward to what is coming next!

Explore the Collection

You can order books from my website here! ebooks and my traditionally published books can be found  on all Amazon websites.

The Inner Compass


A fictional story about Marissa, therapist-in-training. who is going through a spiritual crisis. Through connecting to Marissa you will learn about spirit guides, angels, shamanism, Reiki, how to use oracle cards, and so, so much more!

Be inspired, learn about healing and perhaps her journey will help you find your own inner magic!


All books now available onilne

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