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This bracelet is made from natural crystals and filled with healing energy from Abby.  The intention behind the bracelet is to help you feel calm and relaxed. This bracelet is made to order and yours may look different from the one you see in the image here.


This is a pre-made natural crystal bracelet with healing stones, imbued with healing energy from Abby. The intention behind the bracelet is to help you embody an inner calmness and keep in balance. This bracelet is made to order so you will receive one similar to the one in the photographs.


Angels are all around you, you just need to ask them to make themselves known. When you wear this angelic bracelet you set the intention to connect to your Angels, to feel their energy around you. You can talk to them anytime, but seeing the crystal around your wrist will remind you that they are there, just waiting for you to reach out. The healing energies imbued in the bracelet and the properties of the stones themselves will help you open to a source of healing and unconditional love, such as that which the Angels have to offer you.


The following natural crystal stones have been used which are said to have the following significance:


  • Rose Quartz for self-love and compassion
  • Turquoise for communication and clarity, connection to truth
  • Opalite for beauty and clarity, and for high vibration
  • Rutilated quartz for protection and raising your vibration
  • Moonstoon for connection to Divine Feminine


Please note:

Angelic Connection Healing Bracelet

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  • These bracelets are designed to help you on your journey. Your intention to work with the bracelet can enhance the experience that you have and increase the healing that you receive. However these bracelets, and in fact, any kind of distance healing, are not a replacement for therapy, nor are they cures for physical illness. If you are in physical pain please go see your doctor.