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We all need healing for our inner child and this bracelet will help you set an intention for the day to take your inner child with you wherever you go.

Filled with healing from Abby, this bracelet serves to help us through a difficult time, holding the intention that we will get through this and look back in the years to come with a deeper understanding that we don’t have at the present time.

The stones used can vary but are usually;

Rose Quartz - self-compassion and love

Amythyst - release of grief, connection to your inner wisdom

Moss Agate - connection to nature and the land

Turquoise - communication, gentle healing, restorative properties

Angelite - angelic protection and healig

Lapis Lazuli - connection across the worlds, inner wisdom, magic and miracles

Red Jasper - grounding

Tigers eye - courage

Labradorite - inner wisdom

Inner Child Healing Bracelet

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