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This powerful bracelet calls on the energy of Lion for protection and strength. It can accompany you when you’re feeling low, anxious or if you feel you have lost your power. Lion can bring you to the places that you feel you cannot go, and stand beside you (or behind you) to give you that extra boost you need to get things done.

In the realm of spirit animals, the lion wins the prize for most relentless fighter in the face of life challenges. The lion spirit animal represents courage, strength in overcoming difficulties. The presence of this power animal could also mean that something “wild” or difficult to control is happening. As such, lions symbolizes emotions that are difficult to manage, such a anger or fear. from:

Lion medicine is powerful and strong. The energy of Lion is perfect when we need that extra bit of support. These bracelets are made to order so each one is different to the photographs that you see here.

Once you order from me I will tap into your personal energy field and see which stones you need to best suit your requirements. Some of the stones I may use include:

Red or Orange Chalcedony – to invoke fire and protection

Orange Jade – to activate power and creativity

Obsidian – for protection and grounding

Red Jasper – for grounding and stability

Rose Quartz – for compassion and self-love

Tigers Eye – for power and strength

Moonstone – for wisdom and Divine Feminine grace

Lion Medicine – Healing Bracelet

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