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These bracelets are especially designed for men, they may not be sparkley but they certainly pack a punch!! You can choose from specific intentions, or have me connect to your unique energy blueprint and send you healing, and then create a special healing bracelet made from natural crystals to your specifications, and imbue that with more healing for you. 


I made a bracelet for myself using sunstone and my son saw it and grabbed it, and wouldn’t give it back. He wears it to school! Since then I have made him 2 more bracelets which he also wears – in fact I went to take some photos of them for this product entry on my website and he was wearing all 3 of them together. The difference between my other bracelets and this one is that this one does not have diamanté sparkle spacers, nor does it have feminine style clasps. The stones in this bracelet are just as powerful, the bracelets are less obvious and men love them too! Have a look at the images in the gallery to see what I am speaking about! 


The images in this product are sample bracelets only. Choose from the pull down menu’ what you would like for yourself and I will make it especially for you, fill it with healing and ship it to you with love.


Please note: These bracelets are designed to help you on your journey. Your intention to work with the bracelet can enhance the experience that you have and increase the healing that you receive. However these bracelets, and in fact, any kind of distance healing, are not a replacement for therapy, nor are they cures for physical illness. If you are in physical pain please go see your doctor.



Male Crystal Healing Bracelet

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