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Rise Above Anxiety and Fear

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Here's the rub - anxiety and fear are in the collective consciousness, it's riddled with it. So if you are already feeling it either one, the collective wave of anxiety and fear finds you and adds to what is yours. So it's like being hit with a Tsunami wave of fear, when what belongs to you is probably only a small storm wave at best. This leads to overwhelm - your mind goes into a spin, and this can lead to high-level stress, loss of sleep, total disempowerment and possible panic attacks. In this programme I help you to rise above the frequency of anxiety and fear by seeing them as energies that are yours but also not yours. Yes, we do have many things that cause us fear, and anxiety, but when we rise above the feeling, like looking down at an ocean, or a river, we can then centre ourselves in our hearts and get back to what is real for us, instead of being swallowed up by emotions. Then when we are grounded and feeling stronger it's possible to face each actual thing that scares us, and make a plan to deal with it, without being overwhelmed by emotions. Session 1: General causes of fear + Healing Session 2: Strengthening our weaknesses to make us stronger Session 3: How to empower ourselves around external fears Session 4: Releasing the fear of being happy in our lives In this programme I will teach you how to do all of the above this PLUS I offer healing to help calm you down, ease your spirits, and release you from any patterns that may trap you in fear.

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