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An Important Note About the Healing Process

(this section is extracted from my book “Energy Healing Made Easy”, )

Please bring your whole heart and soul into your healing practice. And your brain too! Be authentic. Be congruent with yourself. You have to allow yourself to feel the exercises, to be open to them, for them to change you. This is when the magic happens. If you hide things from yourself, you will have trouble doing the work.

You may be a beginner when it comes to doing your personal work, but you’re not necessarily a beginner at life. The richness of your life experiences makes you who you are, and that counts. There is no right or wrong when it comes to these exercises, so you cannot compare your experience of healing to someone else.

As above so below

One of the reasons people don’t heal is incongruence. Hiding something from yourself because you are not able to accept it, or don’t want to work with it, is a form of denial. Your body knows it’s there, your soul knows, but by your brain consciously pushing it away and acting as if it doesn’t exist, you become incongruent. Incongruence is a big block to healing. If this is something that you think you are doing, that’s great, because now you can stop doing it! Be gentle with yourself, you’re not doing anything wrong. This is a natural thing. You might want to take some time to nurture yourself, give yourself permission to look at what might be in the way of you becoming congruent on your healing journey.

The power of intention

Intention is a decision to do something. It’s an aim, a plan or a direction. Intention is usually set within the context of what you want to do with your day, or with your life Intention is fundamental to healing work. You need to set an intention to heal before the healing will happen. A healing intention must be in alignment with all the aspects of yourself, all the aspects of your soul. (Alignment meaning on the same side, and in agreement with – again, As above so below.) If you’re not ready to heal something and your brain is pushing you to ‘get over yourself and heal it’ this creates more resistance. Then the healing becomes more painful than it needs to be.

Healing is an organic process – it’s natural, and only happens when you are ready.

The first part of being ready is to set your intention to heal. Yes, I know it sounds funny, but sometimes you get so used to feeling bad you’re afraid to feel better. Permission is very powerful, and if you don’t give yourself permission to heal, you won’t accept the healing. It’s like opening a door and sometimes, when you set the intention and give permission to heal, that’s actually all that it takes for the healing to happen. Very powerful!

You can say it out loud, or you can say it quietly to yourself, but it’s best when you quiet your mind and focus your awareness on what you are doing and feeling. Try to bring your mind into the present moment and don’t get caught up in thoughts around how, why, when or anything else.

Healing can get worse before it gets better

Have you ever given up sugar or caffeine? There’s a detox period in which your body releases the bad chemicals that were bound up in your body, and you can feel ill from that. You can have a terrible headache, you can be dopey in your mind, need to sleep or just feel rotten overall. But if you persist, after a few days your body clears, and then you really start to feel the benefits. You may feel lighter, more awake and have more energy. The same thing can happen with healing. You may feel emotional for no logical reason, sad and heavy, lethargic or sluggish. You may need to rest more than usual, may feel anti- social and just want to curl up in bed with a good book or a movie. Listen to your body and give it what it needs, don’t fight it. You will move through it. When you shift something it moves through you, up and out of you. It is part of the healing process to feel yucky for a while.

Going into process

When you start a healing practice, you go ‘into process’. So imagine for a moment that you were like a swimming pool that has picked up dirt and debris over the years, and you start to clean it, the waters in your ‘swimming pool’ get all stirred up as you clean it and then start to flow in the general direction of being clear, but it might not seem like it from where you are standing.

You’re much more complex than a swimming pool, but if you were one, you might have gravel, leaves and mud, but you might also have bits of broken cars, shopping trolleys, even glass, depending on what you have experienced in your life. When you start picking bits and pieces out of your pool, you don’t know what additional dirt is going to get churned up, what bits of sticks and debris may end up rising to the surface with the pieces you are aware you’re cleaning out. So it is so important that you look after yourself during healing.

I want you to be aware of this so that you can be your own watchdog and make sure that you look after you. Sometimes you might be doing your work for days and not feel like you’re making any progress. You might even feel physically ill or emotionally upset, and not know exactly why. Memories of things that you’ve forgotten about can surface, and you may find yourself trying to make sense of what’s going on for you. Don’t. Just know that you are in the process of healing, and that these stuck energies are moving, and will eventually leave, so that you can be at a higher vibration than you were.

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