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Wondering why your healing won't stick?

Wondering why your healing work won’t stick? There may be more to it than you think.

Energy work alone is not enough. You can cut energy cords like you were Edward Scissorhands and they will still come back if some aspect of you still believes that you are available to it. You still need something more.

Talking and listening to the aspects of yourself is an essential part of everyone’s healing work. Showing up, being patient, showing them love. And committing to them, giving them what they need instead of saying yes to it and not actually doing it. Very important. This, plus energy work, is a powerful combination. But it still is not enough.

You need to work with your mind. Energy (Spiritual) work, emotional work AND working with the mind, all three combined, is the key to all healing.

Your mind is a powerful thing. Your thoughts can lower your vibration and impact on your emotional body if you let your mind run wild and free.

If everything you have ever done and experienced and thought about in your lifetime is a landscape, then your mind will gladly keep running into the thicket of emotions that are low and heavy like guilt, shame and jealousy to remind you of the bad things that happened. For whatever reason, your mind tends to focus on the one bad thing and ignore the hundred good things. That’s the way we are made.

Imagine your mind is like a horse in the landscape of you, running free, running and frisking about wherever it will. That’s how it probably is, most of the time. Everyone’s horse is different, acts different, and has different likes and dislikes. Are you happy with how yours is behaving? Do you want it to control you, or do you want to have control over it?

If you want to reign in the horse you need to take charge of it. You need to train it. Put a bridle on it, and a saddle, and tell it (and show it) who the boss really is. Again, you have to decide you want to do this, gather your strength and your resources, and make the effort. Show up to it, and keep trying until you succeed.

Sticking with the horse metaphor, I think a good way to train your mind is to do something which is the equivalent of horse jumping, or dressage. Make the time and practice something restrictive, time bound, challenging. Take control, be the leader of your mind, don’t let it lead you. You might even enjoy it.

How? Set yourself a challenge that requires your full concentration. This could be to read a book or a long article, to learn something off by heart, to do mindfulness exercises (really do them), or to play sudoku, do a jigsaw puzzle – anything that captures your interest WITHOUT the mind wandering off from the task. Keep reigning it back in, until it becomes comfortable, until it stays with you until your set time limitation is up. And to do this frequently until it becomes easier.

One of my favourite things to do is to listen to Bach. I do believe he is one of the greatest musicians of all time. Bach said he writes music to praise God and I feel it in anything he has written, when it is played well. Bringing my full attention to the Cello Sonatas, or the Violin Partitas calms my mind, stabilises my energy, is grounding and brings me into the moment. Bach’s music knits together the pieces of your Soul, it’s filled with grace and is so very healing. But not if it’s played in the background. Try it.

Your horse will run free when you’re not focused on a challenge, but that’s okay, it’s supposed to do that. And you need a rest. Your horse will be trained, because you put the time in. It will trust you, because you’re constantly showing up. And when you discover it’s wandering away from you to someplace you’re not willing to go, you can whistle, and it will come back.


If you're having trouble sitting still and just being with yourself, it could be that you need your energy cleared first. Try this simple meditation to start with.

If that doesn't work you could try one of my downloadable sessions:

Or you could get a distance healing session from me:

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