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High Frequency Lightworker Healing Intensive

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This class is for you: • To keep your vibration high • To help you find the answers to questions you need to know • To be able to connect with your guides and angels • To clear and cleanse your own energy field • To help you with your self-healing practice This is not about healing someone else, this is about healing yourself. You will be able to send energy to friends and family as a result. Please note: This is not a practitioner certification - this is for you to amplify your own, personal practice. Energy Healing, Chakras, Spiritual Hygiene (cord cutting, violet flame, energy clearing) Shamanism and the Shamanic Journey (we will go on an upper and lower world guided journey) Crystals, Angels, Ascended Masters and Deities (we do work to connect to your high frequency healing guides) Cosmology, Archetypes, Merkaba Healing and Embodiment (to empower you to know where to go next with your own work) We end with a Q&A from the group which covers most of the questions that do come up. However, if you have any questions of your own, you are invited to join my Telegram group where you can ask them, anytime.

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