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Shamanic Journey Intensive

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Join Abby and learn the art of the Shamanic Journey, so you can use it as a healing and divination tool. In this class we will cover: Class 1: Lower World Guided Journey to meet your medicine portal to meet your guiding spirits self-guided journey to meet your power animal Class 2: Upper World Guided Journey: to discover the landscape and meet the Angels to meet a teacher in human form – ascended master, mythological/ancestral self-guided journey to meet your cosmic soul family Class 3: Journey to the landscape of your heart to Spirit and the land where you live to connect to the Land and find a power place for you to go to recharge Power and Soul Retrieval Journey back in time to give yourself advice to the landscape of you to find out what is blocking you from something You do not need any special equipment in order to do this programme, just come with an open mind, sit back, relax and enjoy. You are advised to bring a journal to each session and write down what you learn for yourself while you are travelling. You are invited to come along to Abby's Telegram group and share how you get on! Once you learn how to journey, you will have this skill, for life.

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