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Empowering people by teaching them
how to heal themselves

Abby Wynne

Healing Mind, Body Spirit.
Do you want to feel better?


My name is Abby Wynne

I am a spiritual teacher, bestselling author and healer, blending shamanism, psychotherapy and energy healing in a powerful unique way, catalysing lasting change.

My core teachings work towards empowering you to do your inner work with strength and courage, whilst creating a structure and foundation to guide you.

I am a healer for the healers, I am a catalyst for transformation, I bring catharsis and compassion and magic to the table.


I offer a combination of online programmes (self-paced and live); pre-recorded healing sessions; distance healing sessions and I have an energy healing circle. It's all here for you - look around, see what calls to you. if you need some help, then get in touch via the contact form on this website.

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Upcoming Events

  • April '24  Grounding and Anchoring - Online Group Healing Session
    April '24  Grounding and Anchoring - Online Group Healing Session
    Membership Offer
    Wed, 24 Apr
    In Abby's Webinar Room
    24 Apr 2024, 15:00 IST – 25 Apr 2024, 16:00 IST
    In Abby's Webinar Room
    The live healing session will take place April 24th at 3pm Irish time. Everyone gets a replay with healing imbued that is more powerful on repeat. Entry is FREE for Flower and Tree of Life Healing Circle Members, Seed of Life get 50% off.