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My Response to Doreen Virtue’s Change in Direction

Last week I watched a video with Doreen Virtue; she was talking about how she has found Jesus, gone back to religion, and renounced mediumship, tarot and is no longer working with the Ascended Masters. This came as a surprise to everyone, particularly me, as I had only recently started openly working with the Ascended Masters. I’ve been working with them for many years, just not with my clients. I had to have a think about what she said, and I felt that I should make a statement about how I feel.

Jesus Christ vs Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness is a vibration of Source Energy that lives within us all, no matter what our creed or culture or ancestry. (Source Energy can also be called Chi, Prana, Reiki, or Divine Consciousness, it’s a Soul Energy.)

Jesus Christ was the epitome of Christ Consciousness. I believe he was a man who lived on Earth at a specific time, and did some amazing things, and had many stories written about him. His Soul Essence vibrated at the frequency of Christ Consciousness, and it’s the first time anyone really wrote about it, so that’s where the name came from. However, many others also lived on Earth at other times, both before Jesus and after him, also embodying the same vibration.

Humanity presently is waking up to the realisation that we all can vibrate at the frequency of Christ. To me, this is a resurrection of Christ Consciousness, I actually wrote about this in 2013 ( This energy, however, has nothing to do with religion, and it can be very difficult for people to separate Jesus from Christianity.

Some people don’t like the shift towards Christ consciousness, or you could also call it enlightenment, and are fighting it tooth and nail. Others are struggling to come into balance with the light, and others again, are swinging on the opposite side, like a pendulum, going too far with it. It will all settle down but it will take some time. I’m feeling perhaps Doreen is swinging too far over to the light, however I trust that she is following her heart and keeping the public informed during her process of growth. I feel we need to give everyone plenty of space while they grow, as we are all figuring this new energy out together, so we cannot judge what is right or wrong.

Not trying to fix or change anyone, to convert anyone or manipulate anyone is vital as we are all finding our own way. Doing our own inner work is key to unlocking our true potential, and this means stepping into that Christ Consciousness energy. Allowing ourselves to be who we are, to stop lying to ourselves and to have good boundaries, to see everyone in their potential for Christ consciousness enables further growth in ourselves as a species. And I mean everyone, there is no exception to this.


Some people feel grounded and secure in themselves on the journey, they have no need of a structure or for rules about how to live and how to connect to this amazing Christ Consciousness. Feeling Earth beneath them and the Sky above them is enough. I fall into this category. Others prefer a structure and rules, with designated spiritual leader/mentors and so embrace religion for support. And that’s okay. Religion has been about controlling the masses, there is no getting around that. And as we become a more enlightened society we have learnt about the atrocities that people associated with religion have done in the name of God. But we are learning that it wasn’t truly in God’s name, but in people’s ego agenda for power. So we as a species need to learn how to disassociate people’s agenda from the true intention of religion, which is to allow for spiritual connection and growth. This is going to take some time.

And it is gong to take some time for religions to evolve, so that they fit our needs again. Not that everyone is going to need them, but there will always be people looking for guidance. And there is no harm in having authentic, high integrity priests/monks/people of religion there to support us as we all are growing together. Perhaps Doreen’s mission now is to help reform the Christian church. It’s not for me to decide. We also need to learn how to be with the unknown and the unknowable and be okay with it, and that’s something that is scary for all of us.

Angels, Ascended Masters and Deities

I believe that the Angels and Ascended Masters are beings of light. I believe that there are other luminous beings too, ones that we are only beginning to learn about. I know that we, underneath our bodies, are also luminous beings.

Angels are beings that never walked incarnate on Earth. Ascended Masters have had lifetimes here, and have chosen not to have a body but to be energetically available to us as support and help. Ascended Masters have personalities and lifetimes of experiences to draw from and they understand what it is like to be human. Jesus is an Ascended Master. I like to think that we all are Descended Masters, trying to remember how to be the Masters our own lives.

I have never felt the need to worship any luminous being. I have always felt that we are all of equal value. Just like having relationships with family or friends, we can have relationships with Angels and Ascended Masters. I find them very comforting and I have never felt alone since I invited them into my life, and I don’t intend to stop working with them, and teaching about them. When people call upon the mythological God-like energies to come help and support them, it’s as if it’s a different hierarchy of Ascended Masters – more like a blend of Angelic essence as we will never know if these God’s existed in form. But they do exist in light, and again, as we are also made of light, there is no need to worship anyone. Respect, appreciate, honour, yes, but worship, no. So if you like to have a photograph of your family member on the wall, there’s no reason why you can’t have a photo of Ganesha as well. And if Ganesha’s essence to you symbolises removal of obstacles from your path, using his image, or a statue of him as a symbol to hold energy for you, is actually a shamanic practice. It’s a very practical way to harness energy, and as long as you are doing it from the heart, for the good of all beings, then there’s nothing wrong with it, in my opinion.

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are mystical, full of symbols and power. They arose originally as a card game in Italy and then were adopted by the Hermetic order, and used for Magikal purposes, not always coming from a pure space of love and beneficence. For this reason, there is a lot of hesitancy around using Tarot, and rightly so. Unless you’re robust in your confidence and know who you are and why you want to use them, don’t use them. But for me this has always been the case.

I believe that the messages in Tarot cards have been watered down over the years. There are many packs of cards called Tarot cards available now with beautiful messages of reassurance and hope, but they’re not true Tarot, they’re more similar to oracle cards. And that’s okay! I’ve used many forms of Tarot since I was 18 and I will continue to do so. However as I grow and change I am drawn to different packs with different vibrations, and this is a natural growth. As we do our inner work, we raise our vibration, then lower vibrations fall away. We continue to rise up in frequency on our journey towards embodying Christ consciousness.

Psychic abilities and Mediumship

We are psychic beings. We have always been, but never more than we are now. As our bodies become clearer and our vibrations rise, we become more sensitive to the environment and we can sense things that we couldn’t before. So there is nothing unnatural about talking with the dead, or predicting the future. In fact it’s empowering and healing when it’s done from love. And we must learn how to always do this from love. And yes, there are beings out there that do not wish us well, so we need to be strong in our sense of who we are and what we want when working on these planes. And sometimes even that is not enough, it’s always important to have spiritual support.

Our loved ones in Spirit have much to teach us but they also have a lot to learn. It’s important to trust our intuition and know if there is something that we feel isn’t right, than it’s probably not right for us. The problem here is that we don’t trust our intuition enough, nor do we act on our intuition enough, so we need to do our own inner work. Discernment is not judgement, and with all relationships, we can discern what is healthy for us and engage with that, and we can also discern what is unhealthy, and walk away. We need to do more of this.

New Age

I think we are past the New Age. Enough already with the love and light with no substance behind it. Enough with the teachers that don’t walk their talk, tell everyone that they should be this or that, and not be that themselves. Let’s grow up and claim our right to be responsible adults who can have fun, who are allowed to be happy and who care for each other rather than compare, contrast and step over each other. It’s time to embody the light, and to be more active in the world. To live with love and open heart, but to be real at all times – to allow ourselves to get angry, to shout in the streets when there’s something we don’t agree with. It’s happening.

I’d like to see us stepping into a new empowered age. A time where we trust ourselves to make the right choices from our hearts, and not from fear. An age where we don’t fall for lies, where we take right and proper action when we see fit, where we help our neighbour because we can. A time where men and women value each other more, where nobody is better than anybody else. Where we no longer need to manipulate anyone from fear. Where we allow all beings to access their power and be creative souls expressing themselves through their physical bodies without feeling threatened by it. Where we appreciate music and art just as much as medicine and science. And where we feel safe to say that we believe in God, that we love God, that we pray, and that we have a spiritual connection to something that is bigger than us.

I am saying this now – I pray to God and I feel God in me. And that has made me feel more fulfilled than anything else that I have experienced in my life. Once you start the path of Energy Healing, you open to Source Energy, and as the energy flows through you you become more clear, and the energy raises it’s vibration and so do you. And when your vibration is high, you feel that connection to pure Source, to the Universe, to Great Spirit, or to God – it’s all the same thing. Let’s call it like it is. And then you remember who you are, that you are God and God is you, that we are all one at the energetic level. And it’s blissful. Doreen Virtue said it took religion for her to feel that, and that’s fine by me. In fact it’s wonderful to know that religion can have that effect on people. I think that’s what it was designed for in the first place.

To close

I think I’ve covered everything here. We can all talk openly now moreso than ever before. Men are realising that it’s okay to cry and feel emotions. Women are coming into their power and letting go of competition and jealousy of each other and supporting each other instead. Children are being allowed grow up and express their own unique talents rather than being moulded into carbon copies of their parents. And what needs to heal is being revealed, shocking as it may be, it’s part of the process of growth.

This is my prayer.

I connect to pure source energy and let it into my heart I let it flow through my body and surrender all of my fear to it I allow it wash away my doubt and I ask it to give me the strength that I need to continue to shine my light to the world And my intention is that anyone that connects to my light remembers they have a light of their own And they do the same – realise that connection to source and shine their light too To raise its amplitude, its frequency To match the vibration of Christ consciousness So we can say that Christ walks again here on Earth as each and every one of us.


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