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What is a Lightworker?

And how do you know if you are one?

I’m a lightworker. It’s a difficult word to define because it sounds woo woo, in that it’s “dubiously or outlandishly mystical, supernatural, or unscientific”. This definition is from Merriam Webster, who seem to change their definitions regularly depending on the flow of the mainstream narrative.

So what is a lightworker? Or I should say instead, how do I, personally, define ‘lightworker’? If you resonate with any of the ideas I present to you below, the chances are that you are one too.

I would start by saying that a lightworker doesn’t adhere to the mainstream narrative. They are the outliers, the black sheep of the family, the one that’s ‘weird’. The word weird comes from the word wyrd, which is an occult word meaning “fate, chance, fortune” or ” literally “that which comes”. Occult refers to the western mystery/esoteric tradition concerned with arcane and hidden knowledge. Being wyrd is not such a bad thing after all.

People who are lightworkers have a sense of connection to God/Spirit/The Universe and therefore have a sense of faith in an organising principle which is bigger than themselves. This allows for surrender to fate/destiny/that which comes, in other words, the wyrd stuff. Belief in a higher purpose, a transcendent grace, a creator of all things, can really take the stress away from needing to control everything around you.

Lightworkers are intuitive and can read energy. This means they can feel the discrepancy between what is true, and what is presented to them. For example, you meet a friend and ask them how they are feeling and they say fine, but something feels off, and you look closer - then you can tell by their flushed face and the way they are standing that they’re not telling you everything. Yet you would have missed those signs if you hadn't had an inner sense.

Lightworkers who are authentic and practice integrity recognise truth straight away. They can tell the difference between your truth, the Truth, and what is not true, i.e. lies. More people are waking up to this as we become more psychic, and that’s why so many lightworkers are currently having difficulty right now.

Lightworkers work with light. This may seem to be the obvious answer to the question of “What is a lightworker?”, but what does it actually mean? Light as life force energy, light as pure consciousness, light as power, light as soul essence. The sun, according to astrologers, is what powers everything. And life force energy is what powers you.

I hope this is making sense!

Lightworkers are not all love and light. We must acknowledge the darkness in ourselves, in each other and in the world in order to work with it to transform it to a higher frequency. That is the work in lightworker.

Lightworkers must work WITH the dark and not run from it.

For too long the New Age has sold us the idea that lightworkers are love and light, fairies and unicorns. This perception was sold to us as a distraction from the truth. There are some real bad-ass unicorns out there, and fairies, well, if you’ve ever met a fairy then you’ll know they’re not something to invite in unless you’re prepared for the consequences. Don't hang a fairy door in your garden, you never know what you are going to attract in.

The distraction of the New Age had great learning in it. There are many lightworkers who are relieved to now learn that they are allowed to make judgement calls, they are allowed to be angry and they do not have to give away pieces of themselves to satisfy somebody else. We forgive but we do not forget, we take the learning and grow and move on.

Lightworkers can use many tools to support their growth but the most important thing that Lightworkers need to do is clear and cleanse their energy field. There is so much distraction out there, manipulative energies, spells, psychic viruses, its difficult to keep on top of it all. Lightworkers need to ask other lightworkers for help, and they find it difficult to do. But we are here to help each other through, we cannot do it alone.

Lightworkers use tools to help them read energy. These tools are not for the feint hearted. Tarot, Oracle Cards and Angel Cards all invoke light beings that are here to help us, but they can inadvertently invoke dark beings which masquerade as light. The most important thing to know, if you’re a lightworker, is that it is your own darkness that primarily attracts in darkness. That’s why doing your inner work is vital.

And lightworkers come in many different flavours – we spawn from different tribes, different frequencies and different planets. Your soul holds the holographic map of where you are from, once it is incarnated into human form we lose that information and see ourselves as simply human and identify as that which we were conditioned to be. But once awakened, lightworkers know that we are so much more than that. Walking among us are starseeds, shamans, wizards, witches, earth angels, ascended masters (or as I call them, descended masters), gods and goddesses, and so much more.

One more thing – Lightworkers sign up for a purpose on Planet Earth. The main function of a lightworker is to transform heavy energy into high frequency energy. Some lightworkers are healers and help people shift low frequency into higher frequency. Many of them are caregivers. Some lightworkers work only with the land, others with buildings, some only work with animals. Some hold the frequency of the planetary grid to keep consciousness evolving. And others create portals for new information and light codes to come to this planet. There are many different roles for Lightworkers depending on what their contracts are, not everyone can do all of it but some can do more than others.

It's beautiful. Lightworkers are all part of the planetary grid. If you're still reading this, then you are, too!

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