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What is Energy Healing?

I believe that we are spiritual essence in a physical body.

People call this spiritual essence energy, but I think there is more to it than that; it also has a consciousness. This energy that we are has an awareness, it accumulates information and is on a “quest” to learn and expand as much as our minds allow it to.

This conscious energy moves through your physical body, both inside and outside of it, creating an energy field, a luminous body or aura which is composed of all that we are – thoughts, memories, emotions, wisdom. It is us. It shifts and moves depending on how we are feeling, how much sadness we carry, or how much joy. We can touch each other at this spiritual level before we even see each other’s faces and say hello.

This part of you, this spiritual essence, is what we work with when we do energy healing.

Working with Your Energy Field

If something upsets us, the first thing we do is seek out someone we love, in the hopes that they say or do something that helps us feel better. When this happens to you, you may notice that a tightness, or a heaviness in you shifts and moves, and there is a release that brings you relief. That’s your energy field reorganising itself. We usually depend on others to do this for us, but you can heal yourself if you know what to do.

Here’s a simple technique you can try right away to help you learn how to release heaviness and become more connected to your body. Go on, give it a go!

  • Sit somewhere peaceful and quiet where you won’t be disturbed.

  • Breathe and feel your feet on the ground.

  • Say the following statement out loud: “I give myself permission to heal”

  • Imagine your energy is a ball of light, visualise it – imagine that it’s at the top of your head, and because you are paying attention to it, it shines that little bit brighter.

  • As you breathe in, the ball of light drops down into your body just a little bit.

  • Breathe out, and let go of tension, anxiety and any type of emotional pain.

  • Breathe in, and allow the ball of light to drop down just a little bit more.

  • Feel your body relax as you breathe out, connect to your spiritual essence and drop down deeper into your body as you breathe in.

That’s it! Short and sweet. This exercise brings you more and more into your body, and once you release emotional pain, you can find a deeper connection to your confidence and strength. Breathing out sadness, tiredness, anger and other emotions that we label negative, allows you to have more room for peace and contentment.

Once you get used to it, this simple exercise is something you can do anytime, anyplace. And the great thing is, the more you do it, the deeper you go with it, and the easier it gets!

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