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Raising Your Vibration Can Have Unexpected Consequences

Raising your Vibration can have unexpected consequences. When you raise your vibration, your body lets go of the old vibrational material. This sentence sounds straightforward and makes sense – like travelling in a hot air balloon; if you want to go higher, you have to drop some of the heavy weight. However when it comes to the body, how this actually looks in reality can vary, depending on the circumstances.

I often have clients contacting me after our sessions, or people who participate in my online programmes, who are displaying signs of physical pain, or having unusual bouts of anxiety, and experiencing flashbacks, memories of events that hurt. I hear from people who can’t stop crying and didn’t know why, and I work with people who found they lost control over their responses and went straight into reaction mode instead. This is all normal, it’s part of the healing process.

This weight that we let go of when we raise our vibration is the weight of emotional pain.

And this pain, wow, yes, it is very heavy. It weighs you down so much. Guilt, grief, shame, sadness, depression, despair, hopelessness, fear, anger, frustration… all of these things, when we carry them, get squashed down energetically and solidify themselves. In some cases they are like rocks in the stomach that we just carry around with us as physical weight (and yes this can be a cause of emotional eating, weight gain, and self-depreciation). In other cases they become like coils of metal that wrap themselves around internal organs, constricting them so that they cannot do their job properly. This solidified energy of emotional pain blocks the flow of life-force energy in the body, and the body continues to do its best work for us, but it’s impaired, restricted, has to do work-arounds, and over time comes out of balance, and slowly gets sick from it, and it can become quite serious over time.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could get an x-ray to see where this solidified emotional energy was in our body? Then we could surgically remove it, and help the body heal… Yes you can see where I’m going with this. We can’t see it, and technology is not refined enough to pick it up. Louise Hay had a good idea about it in her “heal your body” work. But I think it’s not that straightforward either, because one organ may mean one thing to you, and another thing to me. Layers and layers of meaning, and of pain. The proof of what it means to you comes with your own experiences, and your own deep inner knowing.

Remember that that time you hurt your shoulder and kept going to physio for exercises? Your shoulder seemed to settle down for a while, but it stayed aching and sore and you had to keep going back every 6 months for more. Until that day when you finally forgave your ex-boyfriend for humiliating you when he dumped you, and the next day, magically, your shoulder was pain free without any help from medication or physiotherapy. When you don’t deliberately connect emotional healing to physical healing it can be difficult to connect the dots together, and most people don’t. I hope this changes.

People doing healing work don’t expect to feel physical pain.

If the body has gotten used to the heavy and stuck energy clogging up the system, and has been working around it for years, it also impacts your moods, your daily life, and what you are attracting in. You’ve been managing in survival mode, life is a struggle and there is little joy. When you decide enough is enough and you want to heal, and knowingly release your heavy and stuck energy… well it then becomes unstuck and…. there are consequences.

Heavy energy when released is active in your body and your energy field for a while before it completely clears. And your body, which was doing its best on half mast, suddenly finds flow and is able to breathe again, and just like when your hand is denied blood flow and goes ‘asleep’ – when it wakes up, those pins and needles really can hurt. Back pain, pain in your heart, stomach upset, flu, all can be symptoms of energy clearing, rather than actual manifestations of physical trauma.

The impact of heavy and stuck energy becoming active on your emotional body can vary too, depending on what it is and how you are patterned. Hence the crying for ‘no reason’ – well the reason is your emotional body recognises emotion that it has not yet processed, and possibly remembers what the emotion is related to, and needs to express itself around it. This is all very good and very natural, HOWEVER the danger comes when our mind decides that “all this has come out of the blue, very unexpected, I need to figure out what this is , where it came from, why it is happening so that we can then think our way out of this”. No. Please. Don’t do that.

Our brain can actually stop the natural healing process

We most likely already thought our way out of whatever it is that is coming up, and because we didn’t want to feel the feelings, our brain supported us in that and helped us repress the emotions and store them as, well, stuck, solidified, heavy energy in the body. That didn’t really work as it weighed us down and lowered our vibration. But the brain did its job, and then went onwards to do the next job, as it does.

Here’s the thing – when you deliberately choose to raise your vibration you most probably are activating this healing process whereby you release the heavy, lower vibrational energy which then impacts the physical body through pain which passes once your body comes back into balance with it,(just like your hand that fell asleep comes back to life again) AND it impacts the emotional body again, with pain, which you feel, and which will leave once you process it, as long as your brain doesn’t grab onto it and ask “why? what? where?” and “how?”

If you’re on the path of healing and want to raise your vibration, I salute you.

Healing is hard work. There are people out there that can tell you it isn’t hard at all, that it’s easy and they’re the same people that start up a healing practice with their online certificate and charge $2000 for a session because they decided they can manifest whatever they want without working for it. And well, if they can, then good luck to them. And if it works for you, then you’re not my people. Honestly. There’s band aid healing, and there’s real healing. Real healing is hard work. And I’m here for the real stuff. And I think you are too.

So here is my advice to you. Breathe through the pain. Breathe through the physical pain, and the emotional pain, and the mental pain. Because when you deny the brain, that can hurt too. Ground yourself, drink lots of water. Rest. Reassure your brain that you don’t need to think yourself out of this one. Know that your body will come back into balance once it gets its equilibrium again. And take that time to disconnect from what is going on around you to honour and recognise that you’re in process. Don’t offer to do more things than you are able to – healing takes energy too. This isn’t being selfish, this is you, bringing more light to the world. It’s vital that this work is being done at this time, because we need more light. And this is what the saying actually means “be the change you want to see in the world”.

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