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This healing session is designed to help you with clearing financial fear and poverty mindset, so that you align to receiving prosperty and wealth. We also look at clearing limiting beliefs connected to self-worth and receiving.


This healing session is a light-code transmission which will enable you to clear deep rooted belief systems around poverty and lack. Here, I don’t concentrate so much on fear, as we do not want to create more fear. I focus more on allowing yourself to open and receive, so you can be in the flow of prospertiy, and attract in people who value what you do, while you acknowledge and value them, in return. Like a flower with many petals, you need to give it time through all of the complex layers, so that you receive it at a deeper level.


The more you listen, the deeper the healing will penetrate. Make sure you give yourself plenty of space to listen, and press pause if something comes up for you that you need to work on at a mental level.


How to use this track: Start slowly with this track, listen to it lightly the first time and then leave 24 hours for the energies to settle. On second listen you may find it goes much deeper than before. I would recommend you listen once a week for several weeks, and then the energies will become embodied. However you may find you need it less frequently, or more, depending on your life situation.


You may go into a healing process after listening: This is deep work with your body and you may feel ill, exhausted or tired as your body releases what it has been holding onto. Give yourself plenty of rest, drink fluids and allow what you are relasing to flow through you. If the symptoms do not clear in a short time, please visit your doctor.


Please note: This track is complmentary to traditional medicine, and NOT a replacement for it.  If there is something wrong, you still need to get the support of a medical professional

Clearing Financial Fear and Poverty Mindset

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