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Healing from a breakup can be hard. You can lose pieces of yourself when you are connected to someone intimatly in a relationship with them. When the relationship ends, you lose those pieces of yourself, along with your dreams, and the future you imagined. However painful it feels, you know your life has not ended, although it can, at times, feel that way.


In this healing session I will guide you gently back to your heart, to your heart of hearts, and to the centre of your power. From here I will help you pull back all the pieces of you that you invested in the other person, in the relationship, so you remember who you are, and can rebuild yourself. It’s not about going fast or strong, it’s about being gentle. Never abandonning yourself. Never feeling rejected, even though you may think you have been.


How to use this track: This is not a track for you to use as part of a daily practice. Treat it like an actual healing session; you can make an appointment with yourself to listen to it, you may need time afterwards to journal or to sit with and process the results. Create a safe space for yourself where you won’t be disturbed.


As you go back to your daily life after this session your energy may regress back to how it was, depending on your behavioural patterns or how much you tend to worry – once you anchor the feeling of being safe, you will notice when you are shifting away from it and you can listen to the session again.


I recommend listening to this healing session once a week for two to three weeks, then once every other week, and then as needed depending on your life circumstances. The time in between sessions is just as important as doing the session itself.


If you give yourself permission to go deep and do your work, the healing will happen. 

This is a healing session. Please do not listen while doing other things to get the best results. Do not listen while driving or operating heavy machinery. There is healing in my voice. Repeated listening will give you a deeper healing experience.

Healing from a Breakup

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