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How does Distance Healing Work?

In Western Society we identify ourselves with what we do instead of with who we are. When you meet someone for the first time, there is a natural tendency to ask “What do you do?” before asking “What type of music do you like?” or “What is your favourite food?”

I once heard the celebrity chef, Jean-Christophe Novelli say, “If I cannot cook then I am nothing”. I was sad for him because one day he actually might not be able to cook. He is wrong about that though, because on the day that might arrive when he may no longer be able to cook, he is most indeed NOT nothing. He is still himself, his essence, his own light energy.

Let me explain this further.

There are about three Abby Wynne’s in the world that I know of. We all have the same name but line us up in a room and we are very different, I guarantee it. So we are not our name. There are people out there that look similar, people that our friends mistake us for, until they get up closer and the eyes are a little different, the hair, the colour of the skin. They are not us.

Taking this to the next level, look at identical twins - their bodies have the same DNA but the actual people inside the bodies are different. They have different personalities, like different things, are different people. So we are not our bodies.

We are the energy inside the body.

The energy that holds personality, behaviour patterns, likes, dislikes... This is the place where our dreams reside. It is our energetic fingerprint. A unique pattern of different emotions and experiences which, when consolidated, form a unique entity, which is you. Or your brother. Or your best friend. That’s the energy that makes the difference between alive and dead. Strip off the body and you get your soul. Your soul is the pure essence of who you are, it is unique, and the difference between you, and somebody else.

So how does Distance Healing work?

Everyone you know is connected to you energetically. You think of a friend, the phone rings, it’s your friend. This has happened to everyone at one time or other. When you think of this friend, you might imagine their face, their voice, because that is how you recognise them, but the connection you make to them is between your Soul Energy and theirs.

You could imagine a shaft of light runs between you, fed by your thoughts of them, and like a current of electricity running between you, can nudge them into thinking about you, too. It's called entanglement, and we are all connected to each other this way, once we meet for the first time. To confuse matters even further, as our spiritual energy never dies, we may have met for the first time on another planet, in another lifetime.

You can learn how to cut energy cords between you and another person. Try my cord cutting exercise on Soundcloud if someone comes to mind that may be pulling on you, right now.

When I do a distance healing I travel through space and time, down the energy cords that connect us, to find your unique soul blueprint. Then the energy flows through me, to you. I am just a conduit. I call on your angels too, to stand around you and help with the healing. The energy goes to where it is most needed, and we cannot determine that with our minds. The beauty of this is that it doesn't matter where in the world you are to receive this healing.

The type of thing I can clear from your field include: emotional pain, other people's energy, anxiety and fear, blocks to your healing, blocks to receiving intuitive messages, clarity and inner wisdom. We may call back some of your personal power, or pieces of your soul. It really depends on you, and what you need in the moment.

Some of the things that I do in Ireland, you may feel where you are, at the same time. You may feel tingles or your body gently shaking. You might want to cry, or laugh. You might see colourful lights. Or, you might feel/see nothing. It really depends on your sensitivities, where you are on your personal journey, and what you need to happen for you at the time of the healing.

When the healing is complete, with grace the connection between us is closed, and I return fully to my body, and you return fully to yours. The phone call afterwards is for the mind, to see how you are, to ask what happened for you, to find out if you are ok. And you always will be.

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