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How to Energetically Burn Away What No Longer Serves You

It's time to finally let go of all the old patterns that are holding you back from your most powerful life. We try to do this in the New Year, but New Year is still winter, and not really conducive to doing anything new.

The best time to let go of something is when you are truly ready to let go of it.

Doing it energetically first will help you pave the way to make whatever changes you want to make in this reality. Working energetically first, will accelerate the process of your embodiment. You don't have to wait until a full moon, but if you want to amplify your intention, a full moon can be a real power-up.

How to energetically burn what no longer serves you.

  • Focus in on something you no longer want in your energy field - it can be an emotion, a behavioural pattern, or just a feeling of a stuck-ness. Allow yourself to feel how it feels to feel it - let it flood your body and lock into it. Really feel it strongly in yourself.

  • Place a stick up to your lips and blow the feelings out of your body and into the stick. Repeat until you feel the energy shift out of your body and into the stick.


  • Write it down on a piece of paper. Write a letter to yourself about it, or to another person if it's about a relationship pattern - get it all out there. As you write, feel the energy unwinding from your body and moving through the pen onto the page. When you're done, fold it up and blow whatever feelings are left in you out of your body and into the paper.

  • Burn the stick or the paper in a fire, preferably outside, and the energy you have extracted from your body and placed into the object will burn away. You could also burn the paper in a tin bucket if you don't have access to an actual fire, or use a candle on a plate and let it turn to ash. This obviously won't work with the stick!

  • While you are watching the paper/stick burn, it is time to clear the space in you so you can make room for the new. Think about what you would like to see in your life instead of what you are letting go of.

  • As the paper/stick burns, say to yourself "I am releasing xxxxx, which no longer serves me" And again blow out any remains of that feeling you have. Now say "I invite and welcome xxxxxx into my life"

You could blow out anger and frustration into a stick then burn it while saying "I am releasing this anger and frustration which no longer serves me. I invite and welcome love and joy into my life" Visualise it leaving you.

Again, you can set a good intention, but the actual process of letting go is messy and it takes time. Burning what is in the way of you truly letting it go can be helpful too. Perhaps this healing session will help you clear the blocks, so that you can let in the love and joy that you deserve.

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