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Why Do I Need To Raise My Vibration?

Our Energetic Signature

When we are born we come into this world vibrating at a certain frequency. It is our “energy signature”, a bit like a fingerprint.

Imagine a guitar string: when you pluck it, it vibrates; the speed of the vibration is the frequency, which is the note that you hear. Frequency in this case, is the sound that the guitar string makes. A low vibration therefore would give a low note, and a higher vibration would give a higher note.

Our vibration relates to the energy flow in and around our body which is connected to our general health in a holistic sense. This may include the speed and direction of our chakras; blockages or dis-ease in the body, if any; the amount of emotional trauma we still are holding onto; the thoughts that we are thinking most of the time or our stress levels.

Our energetic signature plus our vibration is what makes us who we are – it is connected to how fast we process ideas, emotions and situations; whether we are happy or sad; if we love life or would rather stay in bed.

Oh and one more thing – resonance – this is when two or more things vibrate in a similar way, with a similar frequency, and work well together. Things that resonate group together; if they don’t resonate and they are strong they repel each other, or if one one of the objects is weaker than the other, it will change frequency, or harmonise to the other one so that they eventually resonate together. (Can you apply this to your relationships?!)

Interestingly, when you put two guitars together and pluck the string of one of them, the vibration travels to the other guitar, and it begins to resonate at the same frequency, creating sound identical to the first one. This sound then travels back to the first guitar, amplifying the effect. This is called sympathetic resonance.

So why do we need to raise our vibration?

There is an energetic difference between being happy or being depressed – I’m sure you can relate to the days you wake up happy and excited about life and leap out of bed, and the other days, where you feel down or depressed, and feel like you just cannot get out of bed. So depression, anger, jealousy, grief and regret are all low vibrational energies, and joy, happiness, gratitude, hope and love are all high vibrational.

Our vibration changes depending on our moods, but overall we have a baseline vibration/frequency which is the accumulation of everything we are feeling, even the things we may not be aware of. We attract situations/things into our lives that resonate with this baseline vibration.

So even if you feel happy some days, and sad other days, it is your overall accumulation of vibrations that you send out into the world.

Resonance, Baseline Frequency and the Law of Attraction

Raising our vibration and having it stick over time raises our baseline frequency. This in turn, changes the vibration of the things we resonate with, and this affects our choices, even down to the colour that we feel most comfortable wearing, the food we eat, the music we listen to. It also affects what we attract into our lives.

Through my experience in my private practice I am finding that more and more people are becoming aware of their baseline vibration. They are accepting what it is, how it got that way and are willing to work with it instead of against it, to raise it to a higher level. I’m honoured to witness some of the deep, transformational changes that people can make, and they are making incredible shifts in their lives for the better.

Here are some examples (the names have been changed of course!).

  • Marcus came to me unemployed with low self-esteem, after working on raising his vibration he got a job, unexpectedly found a new place to live, and now has a girlfriend.

  • Sandra came to me after a break-up, her ex was abusive and treated her badly. After taking 6 months off relationships and concentrating on raising her vibration, she felt better and didn’t need a man to make her happy. Then she met Thomas who treats her well, and they are planning to move in together.

  • Jennifer was living a double life, she was gay but didn’t tell anyone and the pain of holding it in was tearing her apart. She let go of the need for approval, raised her vibration and became stronger on the inside, and “came out” to her family and friends, who accepted her for who she actually is, not who she was pretending to be.

  • Brian was tired of being alone, he was carrying the pain and hurt of being bullied as a boy, and now at 60 years old he faced the pain in session with me and started to let it go. Now he understands what it is like to feel happy for the first time in his life.

Becoming certain of who you are and not hiding things from yourself is a vital part of raising your vibration. The work you need to do includes clearing your energies, leaving behind old, heavy, low-vibrational frequencies. This enables you to feel more confident to choose the higher vibrational options which you resonate with. And it’s like a miracle how once you do this, more and more high vibrational choices come your way. Higher vibrational choices like love, gratitude, hope, inspiration and creativity. Like finding your soul’s purpose, feeling present in your life, tasting your food and really being in the moment.

Synchronicities occur when you have a higher vibration

I don’t believe in luck! Being clear and keeping your vibration high raises your baseline frequency. Then you attract in what you want more easily – it’s not about the luck of the draw anymore. When you resonate with something, vibrate at the same frequency as the thing you want, then it is more likely to come your way. That’s why being in the right place at the right time, meeting the people that can help you move forward with your dreams, comes to you more easily when you are of a higher vibration.

How to raise your vibration

There are many things you can do to raise your vibration. Spending time in nature, disconnecting from the phone/email/internet can really help. Releasing emotional trauma through therapy (holistic or otherwise) and doing things you love can really help.

Most of all if you want to raise your vibration, you have to make the commitment to do it. It takes work. You have to set an intention to do it, and you have to give yourself permission. This is actually a lot more difficult than you think, but I believe it’s why we are here, it is our lives work.

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