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I am a gifted healer who is also a qualified psychotherapist. I set up my private practice in 2010 and it goes from strength to strength! I am accredited with the Irish Association of Psychotherapy and Counselling (IACP) and a professional member of Reiki Federation Ireland (RFI). I have published 2 books and a 2CD Set. My Facebook page has over 90,000 people, come over and get to know me!   Click here to read more about me. Click to read what people say about how they felt when they worked with me.
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About Abby

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Click here to find out more about being in session with me.  Click here to find out how healing works over Skype. Click to buy a distance healing session! I have had success working with diverse issues including anxiety, abuse, depression, trauma, panic attacks, loss of power, low self-esteem, relationship break-ups, emotional eating, grief and bereavement. I have helped people attract new relationships, new jobs, even new babies! I work with people who are unemployed or in crisis helping them gain self-confidence and a renewed enthusiasm for life. I work with entrepreneurs to help them attract success at the levels they have been dreaming of. If you’re ready to move past everything that’s been holding you back, become fully motivated and empowered, then I'm here to support you so you can live your best and happiest life now. I am based in The Raglan Clinic, 4 Fitzwilliam Square East, Dublin 2. Sessions are 60mins. I also offer phone/Skype sessions. Email: or call +353 87 659 3626 to  book.  At least 24 hours notice of cancellation is required otherwise a cancellation fee may apply.

Healing Mind, Body and Spirit

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You can get started on you personal healing journey right away and have me

there in the background to support you. Order my books or healing meditations

right from this website and work with them to see how you go.

“I can’t believe the panic attacks have stopped completely. I feel like I can live again, with Abby’s help I have even worked through the fear of fear itself. Thank you” Peter, Dublin “I wake up in the morning now and look forward to the day, its like I’ve changed, the negative part of me has dissolved away. It’s wonderful” Carmel, Melbourne, Australia

What people have said about sessions with Abby

Relax with Reiki in Dublin with Abby Wynne

From my free meditations and

facebook group, right up to my

Healing Circle or a full on one-to-

one session, you’re bound to find

something that suits your budget

and your needs.

Six Steps to Wellness

Over the last few years my healing practice has become less about the techniques and more about you and what you need in your life right now. We can work together to help you release your blockages, heal what is aching, release grief, anger, resentment and free up your physical body so it can heal itself more effectively. These are not ordinary sessions.  I track what is going on for you by communicating with your Soul.

Online Class Sessions, Spring 2014

For the first time since 2012 I am hosting a series of online classes that you can join wherever

you are in the world. All you need is your smartphone, a tablet or a computer!

How to get unstuck and live the life of your dreams. Click here to find out more. In this webinar I will look at how you can recognise what is stopping you from creating the life of your dreams. We will discuss practical things that you can do to work with these issues, or blocks, and move forward. There will be exercises and a Q&A. To close I will send an energy transmission (healing) to all participants which will help you release specific things that have come up during the session so that you can feel free, clear, and ready to take action! I have a handy timezone calculator on the webinar page if you’d like to take a look! Click here to learn more. Click here to register and secure your place.

Healing Books and Mp3’s

I’m always here if you need some help or want to

book a session with me to go deeper.

“I felt for the first time since the break up that I was back to myself. I got some part of myself back that had left me. Now I feel like I can begin again.” Maria, Ecuador “Abby isn’t just Reiki - there’s always more. I always learn something about myself that I can work with, my life has really improved since I started on this journey.” Liam, Dublin